Hello Identity-Pawan Yadav-Final for Print (1)

Hello Identity – It’s My Turn Now !

By Pawan Yadav

“A degree in engineering is commonly accepted to be the ticket to a dream job among most Indian families. But what does it entail? What does a student go through in those four years? Among the thousands of students that opt for this course, how can a student establish his or her own identity?

This is a true story of Nikhil, a young man from a middle-class family. Keeping in mind the sacrifices made by his parents to make it possible for him to take up engineering, Nikhil desires to create a unique identity for himself during his student days at the institute. However, Nikhil is faced with a difficult situation which creates tremendous psychological hurdles for him thereby hindering his progress. Does he eventually manage to achieve his ambition? How?

Hello Identity. It’s My turn now, a fascinating story of a young man’s struggle to achieve an identity of his very own, is an inspiration for any student aspiring to succeed.”

Hello Identity-Pawan Yadav-Final for Print (1)
Pawan Yadav
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"Pawan Yadav is an internationally acclaimed author and thought leader. He writes extensively on youth, careers and entrepreneurship. By profession, he is a corporate market research analyst and also founder of Kanra Technologies (Former). He is also a consultant for budding entrepreneurs. He mentors students and young entrepreneurs in professional colleges, in and around Pune. He is a graduate engineer from Pune and his expertise in marketing strategies with more than ten years of experience with various MNCs offers him an advantage in presenting these concepts. His first book—Bootstrapping A Software Company—is the sole source of inspiration and motivation for budding entrepreneurs. This book offers a step by step approach to start and run a software company, even if one has no budget. This book is the essence of experiences, enriched by founders across the nation, who started their business with nearly zero capital. His second book—Business @ Cloud Level—talks about the commercial benefits of cloud computing to various segments such as established entrepreneurs, budding entrepreneurs and investors. This book is also useful for those who want to build a career in cloud computing. Cloud computing is a business model of this decade and plays a vital role in minimizing the CAPEX of any organization(existing or new). His third Book—Building Up Green Businesses—inspires the readers by illustrating suitable examples on Global Green Movements. Also, this book emphasizes the significance of Green Management in any organization or at individual level. The most integral part of this book is Green Business Ideas and how one can go about with the help of these ideas, to start their own businesses. This book would be acting as a road map for aspirants, to incorporate Green Management practices at organizational level as well as at individual level. Also, it will guide Green Entrepreneurs to start their businesses in the field of Cleantech or Green Technologies. He strongly believes in teamwork. He lives in Pune and can be reached at bootstrapping.pawan@gmail.com "