Get Corporated before you get fired!

By Rajeev Rakesh Tamhankar

Despite the best preventive HR policies of randomly reorganizing the department and designing incomprehensible appraisal processes, Sid, an employee has got promoted within a short span of five years. And the Vice-President, HR is absolutely not happy about this! He needs a ‘Root Cause Analysis’ done and he needs it fast! Meet Sid—an average employee who gets thrashed by his boss, duped by his HR and confused by the management. Join Sid in his corporate journey of launching a new smartphone brand. Discover the corporate work culture as he makes his way through various graphs, pie-charts, bell-curves and what not—all to save his job!

Rajeev Rakesh Tamhankar
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Rajeev Rakesh Tamhankar was born in Jabalpur in 1989. He is a silver medalist from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee and a 2011 Limca World Record Holder. He is also the founder of non-profit Ignite India Foundation. Rajeev is an avid reader, a fond traveler, a chess enthusiast and a start-up freak.