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Natal Fault

By Dr Manisha Saxena

“In the monsoons of 2012, a phantasm driven geriatrician, Dr. Suchitra Nigam, is all set to open her dream venture: Rajshree Varma Memorial Foundation, a holistic healthcare for the geriatrics. She then encounters several irregularities plaguing the medical and social scene in the country.
She is further intrigued when a nonagenarian from Singapore persistently lays claims to an ardent affair withered by a deadly war, seventy years back. Was he another geriatric with clouded coherence and unfounded delusions? A heart -rending tale of love, separation, dejection, violence, compassion and corruption!
A gripping story which narrates the saga of two saviours-the doctors, the soldiers and the common man. Natal Fault is an irresistible socio-political narrative. It is bold and beautiful; romantic and philosophical; contemporary and classic at the same time. It feels the pulse of the nation and scales a long span of Indian panorama, both contemporary and classic, as it flows and fizzes out from a drab B class fictional Indian town of Jeerulot, through a war ravaged planet to a posh Singapore.”

Print Ready cover-Natal  Fault - Dr. Manisha Saxena 5x8-10-10-20
Dr Manisha Saxena
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"Dr. Manisha Saxena is a paediatrician based at Bharuch , Gujarat . A National Talent Search Scholar of NCERT, New Delhi, she has received her education at Mount Carmel School, S M College and JLN Medical College, Bhagalpur. Dr. Manisha has also received training in Indian classical vocal music and has a keen interest in reading, writing, travelling, public speaking, photography and painting. Her YouTube channel- is a travelogue of destinations visited by her and she was an active contributor of blogs, travel videos, film reviews and photographs to the Citizen Journalist show on the TV channel, CNN IBN, during the years 2013-14. Manisha is married to surgeon Dr. Anupam Saxena, and has two children, Shaurya and Shikhar."