Empire of the Gods

By Rajendra Kher

Who were the Gods? Were they super-humans who came to Earth from somewhere outside our solar system? Were these aliens considered Gods by early Man because they arrived in illuminated spacecraft and possessed advanced knowledge? Were these ‘Gods’ responsible for establishing religion on Earth? What do civilizations such as the Inca, Maya, Sumer and Indian, tell us the existence of Gods? Are the Seven Worlds (lokas), the territory of the Gods? And what happened to them? Where did they vanish to?Empire of the Gods delves with defining insight into the proofs that exist in scientific research, the writings of eminent thinkers, as well as India’s ancient scriptures and epics such as Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavat-Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Samarangana Sutradhar, Bruhad Aeronautics, Kathaasaritsagar about the presence, activities and characters of the Gods. It also looks at how to attain the bliss promised by the Gods, the existence of an afterlife and comprehensive ways of meditation free from ritual.

This deeply researched and riveting narrative casts the clear light of logical reason on areas and concepts we have perhaps only imagined or thought of as science fiction.

Rajendra Kher
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"RAJENDRA KHER (b. 1961), a graduate of Pune University, has been writing for over two decades. He has published ten books in Marathi, all of which have been received with critical acclaim. Some of his bestselling novels have been translated into other languages. He has been honoured with five literary awards. Rajendra has worked as an Assistant Director in the film industry, on documentaries, and as a Programme Director for a TV channel. Early in his career, he produced and directed the short experimental film, Charlie Chaplin in India. He has had extensive experience with writing scripts and screenplays. He has contributed numerous articles and short stories to newspapers and magazines. He can be reached at: rkher1961@gmail.com"