Destination Nowhere

By Ravi Mishra

The most powerful Multi National Corporation in the world, Nowhere Corp. is based in the illustrious city Milky Way, the financial capital of the tropical Anyland, one of the mighty nations of the world in the year 2019. Having prospered under the aegis of its CEO, a once celebrated Army General – affectionately addressed by his people as Mr God, the Corporation faces a mortal threat at the hands of Anarchists, who are led by the enigmatic Masked Man. The Masked Man and his followers have steadily grown into a sweeping movement called the Revolution. The Revolution will annihilate Nowhere Corp today, the 15th of January of the year 2019, unless the Corporation’s most talented engineer, Brohum Prude, stands between the Revolution and it. As Brohum prepares to battle the Masked Man in the horror of the forest of Shamshan, the charnel grounds beyond the mythical and the immortal Sura, the great Milky Way river, he revisits his own life to seek answers to his own identity before he stands face to face with his archenemy.

Ravi Mishra
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Ravi Mishra has authored various research papers nationally and internationally on the subject of individual identity versus social identification. His keen interest it has been to study man’s position in the necessary social structures that the world history and cultures have created since time immemorial.Ravi has worked towards a Doctorate of Philosophy degree at the University of Lucknow, and has been published repeatedly by Beatdom, New York, a magazine dedicated to the Beat writers in America. His articles have also been published by Hindustan Times (Lucknow). For his Doctorate, Ravi has decoded the complex relationship between the author’s identity and his art in the works of the British great, Oscar Wilde. It is this argumentative thread that runs in his critical analyses of India’s present and her past (a subject on which he is planning his next novel). Professionally, Ravi teaches English to Intermediate and Graduate students in Lucknow, India, and has lectured extensively on drama, poetry and fiction, and on the role of literature in shaping language skills in pupils. Destination Nowhere is his first work of fiction. The author may be visited for comments and reviews at www.ravi-mishra.com