Dark Nights…Journey of a Slum Boy

By Naina Nair

Murlidhar has no idea why the black crawly creatures are following him. He has no option but to run. One night he waits for the creatures to attack him. He closes his eyes as they come near. Will they strangle him? He doesn’t move as he wants an answer, a solution… From the poverty of the slums he has risen to success. What is the purpose of his life? Murli, the owner of a successful business empire, feels a strange emptiness and looks for that objective that will make him feel peaceful and contented. Fear, loss, success, love, spirituality … he has seen it all. Will he find the contentment that he longs for? Will the dark nights torment him all his life? Dark Nights reveals the intricate answers to the predicaments faced by Murli in his journey since he is a nine year old till he turns twenty nine…

Naina Nair
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Born in a sleepy village in Chitradurga, Karnataka in 1971, Naina Nair spent her entire childhood and formative years in Mumbai. A five year stint in Dubai and later settling permanently in her hometown Bengaluru brought out her passion for writing and she has two successful novels to her credit. This is her third work of fiction with a fourth one, a children’s adventure, lined up. A prolific writer, she contributes articles to newspapers in Dubai and to spiritual magazines. Each of her books revolves around emotion, imagination and a message as she strongly believes that a story would be otherwise incomplete. An active social enthusiast she works towards the betterment of society and as a successful child counsellor she has been guiding children by imbibing in them the right values. She has been able to give a new lease of life for people in emotional crisis through subtle messages in her written works. Married to Ajit Nair and a mother of two children, she is a staunch believer in spirituality. Her books, though fiction, reflect hints of philosophy and spirituality and carry a strong message.