Corporate Stunts a story of my corporate life

By Navin M. Karmarkar

Young rebellious Nish joins “Revenge. Corp” unaware of the fact that his co-workers have resigned leaving behind enormous workload & a single female colleague in the team. Later on, more crisp to the situation added when a married man joins them and the interesting story of “compatibility” & “survival” starts among them. Further, friendly Nish ties a strong bond with his four funny colleagues. They fight with never ending work, unpredictable management and perform every corporate stunt helping each other. The story further tones up with his flirting skills with girls and he gains a title of “lover boy.” He fell in love but is ditched. “Friends” will they be able to handle his broken heart & help him overcome his pain?  Will Nish & his friends succeed to prepare & execute their job escape plan?  Enjoy a hilarious corporate journey of Nish and his colleagues; a story of Office-Premise.

Navin M. Karmarkar
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A debutante novelist Navin M. Karmarkar was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra and currently living with his Mom & Dad. At present, he is working in IT firm as a consultant. After spending some adventurous and hilarious time in Corporate, he thought of writing a novel getting inspired by his own and co-worker’s amazing life. Navin is very passionate about Cricket. He is sentimentally attached to his family and friends. Beyond writing, he is a political cartoonist, who loves to draw sketches, enjoys blogging and a beginner in a Guitar.