Confusingly Interesting or Interestingly Confused

By Pravin Rathod

“Sometimes, life comes with more questions and less answers and sometimes with many answers for a single question… and either way you remain CONFUSED!

Four friends, a tour to Goa and everyone’s secret love life is revealed. Tik, Kash, NP, and VJ takes you on such a confusing ride where each one of them remains confused about one or the other things in life.

Interest? – Confusion

Education? – Confusion

Friendship? – Confusion

Love? – Confusion

Career? – Confusion

Life? – Confusion…

Throughout their lives, many things change but the only thing that doesn’t… is CONFUSION. Welcome to their world of confusion…”

Pravin Rathod
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Pravin R. Rathod is an MBA graduate and a SAP Consultant by profession. He is also associated with an NGO named LAKSHYA: Changing lives, and contribute towards various social activities. This book is his very first attempt to let his thoughts appear on paper in the form of words and in a year’s time, even to his surprise, it took the shape of an entire story. He is 26 years old and apart from writing, he loves to visit new places and to lose his mind to music. He can be contacted at reachpravinrathod@gmail.com