A Symphony of Lives

By Abhishek Jha

Sweating in the blazing sun, under the watch of the Goddess, a lowly Dhak player will fight for his dignity until the bitter end. A patriarch and his rickety car will get their comeuppance when the stakes for success are high. A handsome man is still a bachelor, and only the costliest scotch will make him blurt out why. Can the quest for holy cow dung turn animals into divine beings, and men into animals? The question will be settled soon. Stories of people – real, earthy and Indian; any of these could have happened to any of us, but would the end have been the same for all of us? We do not know. What we know is if we were in the story, we would have loved every moment of it. These stories will tug at your emotions, elevate your mood, and floor you with their unpredictability. This is undoubtedly storytelling at its best.

Abhishek Jha
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Abhishek is a writer of short stories. His stories are original and refreshing. The lives of people – so poignant, so touching – the author believes a story can be told on every day of it. These stories are picked up from our lives and of those around us. There are no lessons offered, only a look at the vagaries of life and how people deal with them. The attempt is to keep the reader entertained and give them the satisfaction of worthwhile reading. If you read a story and feel interested enough to move to the next, the author’s job is done.