Magic in the Moutains

By Nimi Kurian

Faced with the sudden death of their parents, Pradeep and Priya find themselves not only battling grief and loss but also adjusting to a whole new world. Taken to live with their Aunt Sheila in Coonoor, in the Nilgiri hills, they try to find comfort in routine and the beauty of their surroundings. But suddenly, they find themselves in the midst of a mystery. There is a kidnap, magic, a car chase, an extraordinary bakery, strange ladies, and much more…. Sleepy and quiet though the hill station usually is, Pradeep and Priya find there is never a dull moment.

Nimi Kurian
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"NIMI KURIAN is a meticulous accountant but a romantic at heart. She is an avid read of crime fiction but writes stories for children. Kurian’s love for Coonoor, the little hill town in the Nilgiri mountains where she grew up, is evident in her writing. She is married to Sridhar Doss and has two sons. Nimi can be reached at: nimi.kurian@gmail.com "