YOLO You Only Live Once

By Dr. Shilpa Aroskar

• When nine year old Nissi is suddenly diagnosed with a life threatening illness, her mother’s world crumbles around her. Having already lost her husband, she is left clutching at straws. Support comes from the most unlikely source imaginable.
• The joy of long awaited baby Aastha’s birth is mercilessly expunged by the news of a genetic disorder with no cure. The future turns into a minefield of uncertainty.

With these and other riveting real life stories about the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, YOLO presents a relatively unexplored perspective of medical treatment and recovery. It highlights the mind-body link, mystical healing, and spontaneous remissions, which do happen, reinforcing the greater truth that the human mind is perhaps the biggest pharmacy and the power of faith and hope can indeed move mountains.

Drawing from her rich professional experience and personal life, Dr. Aroskar addresses fundamental questions like: Why are some people more prone to disease than others? Why does the same treatment heal one and fail another? How can one remain relentlessly optimistic and resilient when confronted by daunting challenges? How does one stay strong in the face of adversity? She also addresses the doctor-patient relationship, the dilemma of euthanasia; and panaceas for ailments.

Despite path-breaking progress and technological innovations, medicine remains an imperfect science. Epoch-making discoveries have pushed the boundaries of human capabilities to fight disease, but like a hydra-headed monster, new challenges keep springing up every day. Is the mind then the ultimate saving grace of humankind?
A deeply engrossing and enlightening book…

Dr. Shilpa Aroskar
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DR SHILPA AROSKAR graduated from Lokmanya Tilak Medical College, Mumbai, and did her MD (Paediatrics) from Bombay Hospital. ‘Even as a young girl I visualised myself in a white coat with a stethoscope dangling round my neck, embarking on a journey of healing,’ she remembers. A Consultant Pediatrician with a special interest in Neonatology, she is attached to MGM Hospital and Sparsh Child Care, Navi Mumbai. The innocence in children always appealed to something deep within her and restoring tiny tots to health has imbued her work with both joy and meaning. Always an avid reader, books have been her best friends and guides. She first began writing as a way to relax and converse with her inner voice. Then, with motherhood, she experienced the practical problems of parenting, which prompted her to write her first book, Parents Guide To Child Care. Since then, writing has been an integral part of her life. Married to Prashant, an Ophthalmologist, their’s has been a journey of mutual support and encouragement which has allowed them to evolve both as professionals as well as individuals. They have two wonderful children – Saahil and Kavya. Being a mother has helped her better understand her patients as well as their parents, and to be more compassionate and sensitive towards their needs and expectations. Dr Aroskar dreams of the day when every child in India will have the basic right to good health and nutrition, and grow up amidst love and security.