Uncommon Sense Forest for the Trees

By Nirmal Singh Raghav

Life is relation. All we know is because of relations. Whatever and where ever we are, we are because of our relations. Family, institute or organization, anywhere and everywhere, we are continuously living relations. Interestingly, it’s not only about how we relate with things outside, its more about how we relate with ourselves. How literate are we about ourselves, is the lever in my hand or I am drifted by the external forces. Uncommon sense – Forest for the trees is about understanding how you create your own reality. What you think and how you think, what you speak and why you speak? Why you behave more same less different? Why things look stranded? Is mysticism science that we do not know? Can we see the emerging? The book touches upon these important questions. Book will surprise the student, it will make a professor rethink, a manager change and the parents discover. Irrespective of the stage in life, Uncommon Sense will make all human beings wiser, wider and happier. Book may get individuals realize that all of us are exclusive and special, let us illuminate collectively!





Nirmal Singh Raghav
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Nirmal is an enigma. He is a poet, player and philosopher. Demystifying and describing is what the nature has blessed him with. His love for language is unlimited, and sounds of the words and their origin is what he is currently conducting research into. With a hundred poems on the block, his versatility in writing both in English and Hindi is special. With a Bachelor and Masters in Management and two and half decades of corporate journey, he has seen concepts compromised and cult worshipped. Variety of contexts has widened him and he propagates understanding the way we understand. Born in Bhopal in a middle-class family as the youngest child, He always was an unsolvable problem. Structures never fascinated him and a desire to be free has brought him where he is today. He heads the Human Resource function in one of the most reputed business organization. He has been frequenting management institutes and is a sought after speaker. His trade mark program “Converse to Create” has been a stunning success. He wants to leave a legacy of many books to his progeny. “Uncommon Sense” is his first offering. He is currently working on ‘”Corporate love” a fiction novel, “View Point” a nonfiction book and his personal experiences specially childhood in “Simply Yours”. His favorite expression is “Jai Ho”!