India Kolling

By Rajiv Ranjan

lling a dream project of 5 London-based young Indian filmmakers who returned to their country India for their debut project. Love plays an important role in their life which conjured up 5 different exotic love stories but remains incomplete until they met a girl Fidha, upon arriving in India, who is a young orphan from the slums of Mumbai. Fidha makes them realize the true value of love and plays a very important role in their lives and friendships, which radicalizes them from immature boys to passion-driven lovers. But just before the completion of their project suddenly Fidha goes missing which alters their friendship in a flash. Will they find Fidha and complete their project? Was the project the only reason which dragged them to their nation or some secret lurking somewhere? Find out the role of little child Nancy in the authorÕs life as he travels across the world in search of love and passion.

Rajiv Ranjan
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Twenty-four year old Rajiv Ranjan belongs to a family of engineers. He was born and brought up in Patna, Bihar, and did B. Tech from Chennai. He works with a prominent IT company as a Software Engineer. It took Rajiv around 22 years to discover his passion and gradually he found a writer inside him. Since then he started playing with words and put all his thoughts and imaginations on paper. He is a daydreamer and his dreams donÕt allow him to sleep at night. Apart from writing, Rajiv likes travelling, listening to Hindi music, playing cricket, cooking, watching movies, reading novels, spending time with family, and hanging out with friends. He currently lives in Mumbai. India Kolling is his debut novel and he has started working on his second project.