Fresh cover - #impression@expressions


By Bhavya Subramanian

#Impressions@expressions unfolds two love stories involving four characters, different from each other but linked to one another. Vidisha and Anoushka, both perfect examples of the ‘girl next door’, and yet so different from each other, become close friends ever since college started.

Vidisha is the quiet, sweet, attractive and smart girl who is an absolute die-hard romantic, the girl with the Jane Austen novel, with the fullest faith in perfect happy endings.

Anoushka, the not-so-quiet one, on the other hand, is the perfect example of the attractive girl next door; she is funny and easy-going, and loves love stories!

Two love stories parallel as Vidisha and Anoushka experience college, friends and love from their own perspectives.

Fresh cover - #impression@expressions
Bhavya Subramanian
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I am Bhavya Subramanian. I live in Delhi. Having graduated from NIFT last year, I am currently pursuing MBA. I am a big fan of romance and have been into writing romantic stories and poetries from the age of fourteen. I have been involved in school literary club and worked as the school magazine’s editor. I have been an active participant in college literary and Dramatics club. Besides writing, I love singing and playing synthesizer. I am also a big fan of the Big Bang Theory. I have written a collection of poems, few of which have won prizes. I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking. I feel that the most important thing needed to succeed in any endeavour is to be determined not to give up. I aspire to be a writer capable of engrossing the readers in a protagonists’ world, because I have always found writing to be not only a medium to express oneself but also a train to an island where it is a different world, the author’s world, where the characters take you through their journeys without getting you to move from your couch across the fireplace.