Those Were the Days

By N.S.Ravi

I get frustrated when I hear my own people criticizing India. I feel sad when I realize that more than half of the Indian population is unaware of what we have achieved in the recent past. It is unfortunate that we seniors along with the government have jointly failed to make our younger generation know how great this country is. We teach them about Ramayana, Mahabharata and few selected leaders during the independence movement. We name all our new schemes after one or two leaders as if they were the only ones who did everything. India is more than just few leaders. India has been a movement which assimilates everything which comes into contact with it and it is people who live here who make it happen. The last fifty years have seen tumultuous changes world over. These have had vibrations in India as well. Let us re-live these years.

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N.S. Ravi holds a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Delhi and has had a distinguished and chequered career in senior positions in public and private sector enterprises dealing in jewellery, infrastructure, and textiles and apparel in Europe, Africa and India. He speaks Tamil, Hindi, English and French. Ravi is married and has two children. Those Were the Days is his debut non-fiction work. He can be reached at nuranisravi@yahoo.co.uk