Followership – A Way Forward

By Harish Kunnath

A one-of-a-kind book, Followership-A Way Forward, sheds light on the vital power of the follower. Read through to understand the importance of being a follower and how to be someone in the world.Learn more about a tree, a well and an anchor – metaphors for a new way of living.Part management, part-philosophy, part-spirituality and wholly personal, the book offers insights into the mind and life of a human being in a simple, home truths kind of way.The book is essential reading for anyone who wonders about the deeper purpose of existence in the world. Filled with stories and examples, Followership- A Way Forward is a sincere offering of love from a writer who has been both,a successful leader and follower.

Harish Kunnath
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A first-generation entrepreneur, Harish Kunnath has created and managed two companies in the Middle East. These companies are recognized by the Dubai Government as among the top 100 SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) in the region. His enterprises have resulted in a high quality of life not only for him but also for over 500 individuals and families so far. At forty seven, Harish is presently settled in Coimbatore and is pursuing other interests in real estate and IT services. He counts spiritual travel and reading among his life’s passions. He truly believes in the sense of giving and is of the firm view that ‘giving’ is always more rewarding than ‘taking.’