Stir my Heart-Parvesh Chandel-cover

Stir my Heart…Still my Soul

By Parvesh Chandel

There are times in life, when the enigma and depth of few words can dart straight into the recesses of your heart…leaving it breathless, evolved and magically enlightened. Romance and spirituality are the inseparable blend of such feelings that blossoms in every heart, every now and then… Plethoras of stories are available that leaves us with the notion that if it is ‘happily ever after, then it is the ending’, but what next after ‘I Love You’. It unequivocally brews the real tinge of love in our hearts and that it is almost inevitable to transgress the soul, when the heart plunges into the ocean of love. And so it enlightens how feelings take a nodal position in our lives and gives solace that aegis spiritual happiness.

Stir my Heart-Parvesh Chandel-cover
Parvesh Chandel
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Hailed from the hills and spent his entire life in Chandigarh, Parvesh Chandel is an author. With his unveiling novel, ‘Stir My Heart, Still My Soul’, he took his first stride into the world of the narrative. Parvesh Chandel graduated from Goswami Ganesh Dutta Sanatan Dharam College, Chandigarh. He holds Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from Panjab University, Chandigarh and he was ardently active in politics all through his University days. He was designated as the President of Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarathi Parishad. Being a writer was his dream. He did what he believed, excelled or not, a veiled hidden story about to be unveiled. Thinking beyond a particular genre, he penned down about something or anything, which evokes him less as an individual and more as a human. He started his career in advertising and then left it to pursue his passion for writing. A self- proclaimed eccentric, he loves to play cricket. He is voracious, witty and loves life. He can be reached at