Love… will find its way?

By Ashish Ranjan

“Luv is an innocent child from a lower middle class Indian family.

As he grows older, his feelings shuttle between love and lust. Unaware about the problems, that their son is passing through, his parents continue exerting pressure on him to excel in academics.

Incognisant of the cons of love, he falls in love with a girl in his initial school days inviting problems. His mind and heart are in constant battle. The heroine does not understand his feelings and falls in love with someone else.

Coherent pressure of studies continues from his parents. He introspects if he should succumb or commit suicide. Will that girl realize his love before it is too late? Will he value relationships or career more? Will his parents guide him as a friend?

Will the love of Luv, find its way?

The story makes you think about your past and its own craziness.
It’s a story not just for youths, but also for Indian parents.

Ashish Ranjan
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"Ashish Ranjan belongs to Bihar, in Patna. He did his schooling from DAV, Khagaul and Ishan International Public School. He is an engineer by profession and a writer by passion. He studied engineering at a place, 3000 Km away from his hometown, Kochi, Kerala. The college name is pronounced as ‘School of Engineering (CUSAT)’. This is his debut novel. For writing this love tale, he was inspired by all those stars that burn themselves for twinkling brightly. Chetan Bhagat and Kapil,the comedian are some of the examples whose success really pushed him hard. Besides writing, Ashish has keen interest in travelling, playing cricket and badminton. Presently, he works in a renowned oil company in India. You can write to him on his official page of facebook or on ashish040191@gmail.com "