It’s All About Women

By Chandraprakash Mohata

In the world of love, sex, dating, and marriage, you always envy the man with a girl, till you find your own and then wonder; “If this is what is called a woman – a shouting, moody, crazy being, I would rather have stayed single.” Doesn’t every man believe in this one-liner sincerely?  It actually does, like our protagonist Dev who came to ‘The Indian Institute of Management” in his late 30’s after completing his graduation from I.C.E (Imperial College of Engineering). His romance blossomed within the campus of IIM Ahmedabad with an elegant lady – ‘Tehzeeb’. They fell so deeply in love; that would make Raj Kapoor and Nargis jealous!  But I wish I could write ‘…and they lived happily ever after’.  Welcome to the fiction ‘It’s all about Women’, the elegant beauty – ‘whom we are indebted to, first for life itself, and then for making it worth having.’

Chandraprakash Mohata
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Chandraprakash Mohata graduated from EDI (Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India) and currently works as an entrepreneur with Satrangi Fashion wear based at Ahmedabad (www.mohatagroup.com), India. Satrangi is a wholesale brand, which aims to provide affordable quality women’s designer wear to the fashion conscious. He is the bestselling author of two books, Patyala down the throat (2010) and The Dev-D Syndrome… (2011). Published by Srishti publishers, his books are a roller-coaster ride with all the ingredients of action, adventure, humour, witty conversation rolled into one superb dish of fiction! They are complete entertainer, fit for all ages and cultures, teens, adults, parents and grandparents, publishers and critics! His interests are as multifarious and diversified as his undertakings. He is running an editorial group – MATESZ PUBLISHING SOLUTIONS. They work for authors in fiction writing as well as Pearson Education a division of Dorling Kindersley (for regional language translation).