And the Heart Died

And the Heart Died

By Aseem Srivastava

“Life is very fragile and vulnerable to the end just as the rain that can stop any moment. Every breath we take has the potential to be our last; every heartbeat can be the last beat we feel. Just a single blow, a fraction of second can crush your life along with the saved dreams and future.

Nature tests Ashwani and Suman in the form of the cloudburst incident at Kedarnath. People show their ugliest version when fear of death alarms them. Both of them are trapped with four other people in the ugliest scenario possible. Will they fall for each other’s ugliest version? Will they be strong enough to fight nature and survive?

And the Heart Died
Aseem Srivastava
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"Aseem Srivastava is 21 years, specialising in Information Tech-nology, in the 3rd year engineering at NIT Patna. He originally belongs to Siwan, a small town of Bihar. His hobbies are programming, writing, gossiping, debating, and playing the piano. Writing is the thing that makes him feel alive. ‘And the Heart Died’ is his debut novel. Facebook profile: Email: "