Almost There But yet Not Arrived

By Sandeep Mishra

Almost a School Topper… Almost an IITian… Almost Married My Girlfriend… Can Life be Worse? Success is glorified and over-hyped, most by those who can barely get there. For those who actually reach there and cross the benchmark, success gets redefined and refurbished with a new benchmark. Shashi however did not belong to either of these groups.  He had always been amongst those, who were teased by success the most. His story has been all about missing his goals by a whisker. One after the other as the pages kept turning in Shashi’s life he continued setting up new benchmarks but was constantly deprived of the last mile.There are many, who spend their entire life chasing their goals and in turn defer the state of happiness for a goal they might never achieve. Shashi was about to be one of those but something happened in Shashi’s life which revamped his existence. A surprise encounter in his life made a revelation for him, making him realize what true success and happiness means. It made him discover what it takes to be truly happy and it was not a verse from the pages of a self-help book or excerpts of a discourse. It was a life changing moment for Shashi and he never stopped after that.

Sandeep Mishra
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An MBA from IMT Ghaziabad and a Merit Scholarship Holder in B.Tech.from Vellore Institute of Technology - Sandeep is a Jack of multiple traits who currently works as a consultant in a leading MNC. He has represented his School Volleyball Team at Zonal Level and performed dance and mimicry, at college and corporate level. He is currently a member of a guitar band in Bangalore and performs occasionally. Sandeep has a penchant for writing and is an avid blogger. He has been in the editorial team at corporate level and contributed various articles in a community newspaper and other forums.