A Season of Waiting

By Indrani Raimedhi

A young wife is deeply troubled by the arrival of a mysterious woman in her home. An acclaimed writer encounters a shocking truth during an evening walk. An upscale neighborhood conspires to destroy the one who does not fit in. A woman with cancer is given a glimpse of what lies beyond. A young girl’s ordeal is met with indifference. A lonely artist is haunted by the custody of a child. In these sixteen stories, the author fashions brief and intensely compact dramas out of the unwieldy material of human experience. Indeed, nothing is what it seems.

Indrani Raimedhi
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Indrani Raimedhi is an award winning journalist, author and columnist. She is Features Editor at The Assam Tribune newspaper. Author of nine books, her poetry and short fiction have been published in Austria and the Netherlands. She has been Resource Person at IGNOU’s phone-in Creative Writing Programme at All India Radio, Guwahati. Several of her stories have been made into television serials. She has won the Kunjabala Devi Award for Investigative Journalism on women issues in 2004. She has visited Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom as part of the AINEF – European Union Gender Project. She lives in Guwahati with her husband Ambika and is the mother of two sons Shankar Brata and Sidharth Samrat.