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RETURN OF THE TROJAN HORSE Tales of Criminal Investigation


“Amit, don’t waste your time; you can’t hack my system. But we will hack your country! Ameen
They know me! This wasn’t good. The greatest fear a hacker has is having his identity revealed. During investigative operations I always guarded my identity like the Kohinoor diamond. Then how could they have reached me? It was a-l-m-o-s-t impossible.
• A young software engineer who, as a hobby, starts helping the Police in solving criminal cases, turns into a critical resource for the Force. He becomes entrapped in the system.
• Return Of The Trojan is the riveting narration of how he is compelled to draw inputs from his personal life, and use sharp thinking and advanced technology to solve the criminal cases he is brought into.
• Based on real life, the book reveals the next generation methodologies used in crime investigation.
• Impossible to put down.”

Fresh cover-RTH_cover artwork_CTC_220416.indd
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"AMIT DUBEY is a renowned Crime Investigator, who helps various police departments and investigation agencies in India to solve criminal cases. An IIT alumnus and Software Engineer by profession, he has worked with Samsung, ST-Ericsson, Qualcomm and Tech Mahindra. A regular speaker at international conferences, on cyber crimes and ethical hacking, CNN-IBN had featured him as a National Security Expert and covered some of his cases in the documentary, Cyber Warfare in India. An avid blogger, Amit also writes poetry in Hindi and has acted in TV serials like Yahan Ke ham Sikandar and Khamosh sa Afsana. He lives in Noida, with his wife Kumud, a classmate from IIT Kharagpur, and his two-year-old daughter, Advika."