Long & Short Teen Tales

By Cheryl Rao

It’s not easy being a teenager…or an almost-teen. Who knows that better than us? Life beckons… we want to be independent….to experiment….and travel different paths. This collection of long and short tales is for all of us who dream of a life less ordinary. So prepare to meet people and animals, dogs and underdogs, who veer away from the norm. Join teenagers who discover something new about old friends or something unexpected about new friends. Gird yourself for encounters that make to shudder…shiver…LOL – and most definitely, make you think again…

Cheryl Rao
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Being a teenager is not easy. While teens may sometimes wish to remain under their parents’ protective wings forever, most often they yearn for independence and hate having people looking over their shoulder. They would rather try and fail on their own account than pay heed to all those warnings that float around them constantly. This collection of stories about teenage lives has many aspects readers will be able to identify with or believe could easily happen to them. The stories deal with animals and their relationship with us humans; our relationships with our peers, parents and grandparents; and the past, present, and future. Whether wacky or weird, real or true, sad or happy, enjoy reading them all! Cheryl Rao plans to be 12-going-on-13 for as long as she lives and therefore writes for others like herself, and younger. Her books include A Passage to Adventure, A Friend for Raju, A Mixed Score: Ghost and other stories, Camp Adventure, Adventures in the Desert, etc. Some of her titles for younger children are: Dusty the Dachshund, Late for School, The Kite Festival, At the Fair, On the Train, and Little Painters. When she is not writing, she facilitates creative writing programmes for children and has authored a series of workbooks, Fun with Creative Writing, for levels 1 to 8.