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The Carol of the Reactors

The Carol of the Reactors


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Exacting a terrible price, the nuclear apocalypse divided humankind into two: Mutated and Untainted. Kilia & Josh, child counselors for the United Nations, are tasked with telling this horrible truth to tween-agers. Yet forced to lie about their own feelings for each other. Despite the UN’s efforts, life is harsh for Mutants and an underground resistance has sprung to life in the Quarantine Zone.

Untainted humans living in the safety and comfort of a terrarium, most of them migrant volunteers, remain blissfully unaware of things to come. Under the watchful eyes of the Chief Administrator, life at the UN mission in Diablo Valley unfolds in mundane quietude.

But then, the universe begins to conspire.

Paying homage to counterculture, The Carol of the Reactors blends scifi, suspense and philosophy in the dystopia of an alternate reality.

Laced with pop-culture, real world contemporary and historical references, this novel speculates on the future of humanity in the face of climate change, our dependence on technology and the fears that accompany it.

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