Leadstart Literary Agency : Literary Agents

In addition to its publishing and distribution focii, Leadstart also functions as an active Literary Agency in India, arbitrating between various mediums and content providers. The media explosion in recent times has helped us to don multiple roles, including that of international literary agency. As literary agents we are constantly negotiating with other leading content providers, media representatives and authors, regarding the re-distribution of literary works across various media and geographies. As a literary agency, we have business associations with several media houses and networks.

Leadstart Publishing helps writers including the new authors garner value for their creative work across mediums. The company is also a preferred content vendor and literary agent to some of major production studios globally. We help our writers convert book manuscripts into film and television scripts which can then be referred to production companies.

We also help published writers resell their content to other publishers to create vernacular versions of their books or scripts. New writers are also welcome to approach us with their work. As literary agents, we always work in the interests of our authors while negotiating with other publishers.

Writers who approach us need to ensure those copyright/s are clearly owned by the content creators. We do not accept works from other Literary Agents.

Works are reviewed in the following genres: adventure, anthropology, antiques, archaeology, architecture, arts, autobiography, beauty and fashion, biography, business, cinema cookery, crafts, crime, criticism, culture, current affairs, design, drama, entertainment, erotica, fantasy, finance, gardening, gothic, health, history, hobbies, horror, how-to, humour, leisure, lifestyle, literature, media, medicine, men-related, military, music, mystery, nature, new age, philosophy, photography, politics, psychology, radio, religion, romance, science, sci-fi, self-help, short stories, sociology, spiritual, sport, suspense, technology, theatre, thrillers, translations, television, Westerns, women.

Markets: academic, children’s literature, family, professional, youth.

Treatments: mainstream cinema, television, books.