Genre: Non-Fiction
Sub-Genre: Literary Fiction & Non-Fiction
Brand Ethos: Platinum Press is an imprint devoted for the evolved reader.

Genre: Urban Fiction
Sub-Genre: Romance, Drama, Thrillers, Urban Fantasy
Brand Ethos: Jufic Books are the urban readers delight. They features fiction that is fast paced for set in the new and urban locations..

Genre: Spirituality
Sub-Genre: Religion, Spiritual Thought, Philosophy, Art, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry
Brand Ethos:This imprint is devoted to the inner self, the immaterial reality, human beliefs, ancient traditions & systems in the realm of religion, spirituality and the occult sciences. The imprint houses a distinguished list of authors in the genre, from Sahitya Akademi Award winners to modern-day spiritual gurus.

Genre: Body & Soul
Sub-Genre: Self Help, Inspirational, Health, Fitness & Wellness
Brand Ethos: B&S is dedicated to content for both physical and mental self-empowerment. The imprint draws authors from both India and overseas to its magnetic focus on human potential.

Genre: Children
Sub-Genre: Literature, Creativity, Activities & Skill Development
Brand Ethos: This children’s imprint is dedicated to creating fresh content for today’s children. It sends out the messages of a green earth and global harmony. Happy Squirrel combines international styling with imaginative content which is easy to access, while being educative and entertaining. The imprint also offers talented artists a unique platform.

Genre:Self-help & Management
Sub-Genre:Learning, Business management, Self-improvement
Brand Ethos: Wordizen is an imprint devoted for self-help and self-improvement. These books deal with business mantras, learning, self-help and self improvement.

Genre: Fiction
Sub-Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Poetry
Brand Ethos: Virgin Leaf features new, contemporary poetry and general fiction and now includes fantasy.

Genre: Fiction
Brand Ethos: Founded in 1994, Frog books is our flagship fiction brand. Publishing in a wide variety of sub-genres from romance to thrillers, Frog Books has been internationally applauded for its line of narrative and fiction.

Sub-Genre:Literary Magazine
Brand Ethos: Urban Voice is an annual literary magazine that provides the finest literary work from the best contemporary writers. It is a rare feast for lovers of literature.