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Love Apptually

By Pooja Nair

Can real love ever blossom amidst a plethora of virtual chat apps and widgets? Can the mechanical swipes and eager clicks on the phone ever substitute the pleasures of a real-life chance encounter? For Aayushi, it all begins with an idle flickering message on her app’s inbox, from a guy named Ayaan. This leads to an affair where the two discover a deep attraction for each other. However, Aayushi ends the relationship rather abruptly.Three years later, Aayushi unexpectedly bumps into Ayaan in her Singapore office. His changed behaviour perplexes her and she tries to find out if Ayaan had ever loved her the way she imagined love to be. She ends up uncovering revelations galore, and is finally led to a simple truth.Will this change her romantic notions forever or reaffirm her faith in love?

9789352013913 (5)
Pooja Nair
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Pooja Nair works as a Learning specialist, a job that she is passionate about. Another thing that warms the cockles of her heart is writing. She has attempted different genres of writing, her favorite one being romance. One of her short stories was featured in a book titled “Inner Voices”. Additionally, three of her short stories were published in the “Chicken Soup for Indian Woman” series. Two other stories were published in compilations titled “Hope” and “Chaos”. She writes regularly for Indian weeklies and eZines. She secretly hopes that a habit fairy helps her take up reading and writing regularly.