Fresh cover Diamonds are forever-26-12-2016

Diamonds Are Forever

By Nikhil Lodha

India’s richest and biggest diamond merchant was found murdered in his villa on the outskirts of Mumbai, and with him died many secrets. But the Mumbai Police was not the only one who wanted to find the killer: RAW was interested too.

Ayaan, an ex SFF soldier, a man with no family, no conscience and no spare clothes was RAW’s choice to investigate the murder of India’s richest diamond merchant and to discover why some terrorist organizations are interested in diamonds.

What was meant to be a clandestine operation made Ayaan, RAW’s dispensable asset, the most wanted man. RAW has stepped on some toes and they were not welcomed.

A series of terrifying events started to unfold around the city as soon as Arnav Jaykar, the investigation officer and the Joint Commissioner of Police, accepted help from a strange man.

Fresh cover Diamonds are forever-26-12-2016
Nikhil Lodha
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"I was born and raised in a small town near Ahmedabad, in a Rajasthani family living among Gujaratis. Like a good proportion of the country’s populace I grew up in a lower-middle-class family where fantasy and imagination were the only toys at hand. At the age of thirteen, I realised that I was really good at visualising things, and structures, and people. I even started marking errors in the stories published in regional newspapers. Sometimes I would read true crime stories in the newspapers to understand how the police find out the details of a crime. I loved it. I penned my first story at the age of thirteen and soon accepted that I neither knew anything beyond my world of existence nor the art of writing itself. I loved reading, but my town had no library and I did not have enough money to approach the bookstore. Eight years later two things happened – engineering, and I drafted 70,000-word story. I absolutely loathed both. I deleted the copy and quit writing for another three years before I sat down to write this story. At this point, I feel, there are only three things that are and will remain constant in my life – coffee, books and Pink Floyd, in that order. Beside thrillers, I love history and historical fiction and I hope one day I shall be qualified enough to write one. I currently work in an Internet advertising company that deals with the nuances of digital advertising. That keeps me closer to technology, where I feel most comfortable."