Passion Perseverance & Prayer

By Pooja Ruprell

Contemporary life often feels like a daily, all consuming, overwhelming grind, getting in the way of a peaceful, loving and healthy existence. But there is another way. Passion, Perseverance and Prayer is all about everyday guidance and inspiration, juxtaposing the personal with the profound. It is a story, a diary, a guide – 52 inspirational, weekly readings encourage us to find beauty, shine with our own special light, and muster the courage to carry on through tough times – with passion, perseverance and prayer. It blends everyday experiences and observations with the insights of philosophers. With monthly themes, that are organized around a dominant topic, recognizing our vulnerability as we journey from day to day, these pages offer non-judgmental support. They help us believe that we can be truly happy, every day.

Pooja Ruprell
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POOJA RUPRELL is a multifaceted personality with a passion for positive change. As author, blogger, practising Buddhist, mother, business manager, certified life coach, and mentor to new immigrants, Pooja juggles multiple roles – with passion, perseverance and prayer. Born and brought up in India, she moved to Canada in 2006. Pooja has had her share of triumphs and tribulations. In her first book, Journey in Faith, she told the story of her spiritual awakening and inner transformation. Her second work, An Immigrant’s Journey, encouraged newcomers to Canada to learn from her own experiences of perseverance and hope. Pooja continues to inspire readers through her writings. She has also been featured by Canadian print and radio media. About this book, Pooja says: This work reveals my personal perceptions and understanding of events in my life. Others may have differing views of the same events. I wish to use my own experiences to connect with people who actively pursue, or are curious about pursuing, different spiritual practices. I have changed the names of people and merged situations to protect the privacy of people mentioned in the book. Pooja can be reached at: pooja.ruprell@gmail.com