Feeling Roots

By Rashmi Rai-Rawat

Globally one word is becoming popular – isolation. But, are we really isolated? We travel in circles from birth to death and vice versa. During this journey, the mind hardly stops thinking and interacting with several visible, as well as invisible characters. ‘Feeling Roots’, is a collection of short stories that revolve around many characters and their life’s journey, or a part of their journey. Characters include – living, non-living, visible, invisible, and the five elements – sun, water, air, fire and ether. The short stories, though dedicated to senior citizens, are written for people of all ages. Each one of the stories, has a deeper meaning. They  reflect conversation with self and with the environment around. They  also  indicate  life and  life beyond bonds. Though this collection of short stories, may appear simple, they are in fact, an interesting mind exercise  that will be imbedded in the reader’s mind, for a long time to come.

Rashmi Rai-Rawat
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Proud to be born in a princely state of Rajasthan, India. On one hand, I was raised surrounded by love, care, high moral values and as an active participant of colourful festivals and traditions in a well to do educated family. On the other hand, I was given training to be tough and act as a fearless warrior in every stage of life. I could briefly define myself as an Iron Wrist in a Velvet Glove. My background is in Economics and Management. I have also studied International Tourism. I began my experiment of being self-dependent as a private teacher of school students while studying myself in school at Rajasthan, followed by being the founder and Managing Director of the Roshni Group in high school which was working for the overall development of children in the society. Teaching gave me enough pocket money while the group was a complete service (sewa) for me, no money involved. It ran very well with the help of my parents, families of the children and the community. We did lot of work, entire community acted and worked together. We all were and still are connected, these relationships were made for life. I realised at that time, to do selfless work (service) search of financial resources is not required. These resources search your action and contribute where their services are required themselves. Wheels keep moving forward if the intensions are good, how this happens is still a mystery for me. But it does happen, it helps each individual involved in the proccess and give a positive direction to the society. My professional career began as a Journalist in India during my first year of college. Writing about my college events and children in the society was one of my favourite topics. Since 2002, I have been working in the Research and Development (R&D) department of the top Universities and Private Companies in Switzerland. I also had the opportunity to work and travel for short projects at diverse countries around the world. Travelling has broadened my outlook. Teaching Economics and Management to students of all ages, engaging in voluntary services in diverse organizations, participating in the field trips across the borders, participation in debates and discussions, writing short stories and articles, working on creative new ideas, engaging in community development projects, and playing with kids has always been my parallel companions throughout. My passion is to watch biography and inspiring movies, read biographies, meet people from diverse backgrounds and hear their life stories and experiences in person. I consider myself as a citizen of the world and its residents my family. I am proud to be an Indian National and proud to be a current resident of Switzerland. Both the countries have given me a lot, now I want to payback in my small way. Since many years, I have also been acting like a bridge by working on small development projects between India and Switzerland. In future I will continue doing this work. Writing is my passion!! Expression of my being!! Best wishes Rashmi Contact me at rshmrar@gmail.com