Revised 1 cover-Beneath the Snows of Kanchenjunga-2-3-2017

Beneath The Snows Of Kanchenjunga

By S Sekhar

A collision of gigantic proportions created the Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world. Over time it now rests… peaceful, majestic, and confident in its own composition. Our lives, with its daily conflicts and collisions, can also be our path to peaceful salvation; but only if we choose to make it so. The eight stories in this book, each with a twist at the end, tell the tale of ordinary people and their daily struggles. Eight mirrors depicting vain and frivolous lives, when all along, their peace, their Kanchenjunga, was oh so near…

Revised 1 cover-Beneath the Snows of Kanchenjunga-2-3-2017
S Sekhar
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Born and raised in Darjeeling S Sekhar has always had a deep and profound connection with the Himalayas; this connection and his love for storytelling, are two areas of interest that keep him buoyant in the world of advertising.