The Slip of Me

By Akhand Singh

The Slip of Me is a contemporary coming of age story, following a boy named Vikram, –– quiet, shy and prone to troubles, and his teenaged friends in Jabalpur, India. They all experience the ups and downs of adolescence, eager to fall in love, but struggling to understand what it even means.
Vikram falls head over heels for Jessica, his chemistry tutor’s daughter. When Jessica severs ties with Vikram, he is deeply affected and begins a far-reaching transformation.
This story explores the emotional world of Indian teens––the conflicts they face within their families, at school and in society at large. As they approach the end of their public education and ready themselves to move on to various universities, Vikram, and his friends must face new identity crisis.

What do they want to be and how will they get there?
What saves Vikram in the end is learning the true value of friendship and how it can provide the ultimate support and healing that anyone needs.

Akhand Singh
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"Akhand Singh is a writer by chance. He grew up in Jabalpur, in Madhya Pradesh, India. Following the footsteps of his elder brother Anshul Singh, he picked up writing as a hobby when he turned fourteen. His writing career started with writing poetry, and as he entered college, his interests took a leaning towards short stories. He has written six short stories and published them on his blog. Motivated by his best friends and girlfriend Nidhi Nigam, he decided to write ‘The Slip of Me’ in late 2007. It took him about eight years to finish his debutant novel, while going through the ups and downs of life and settling down in United States, after pursuing his Masters in Computer Science. Currently, he resides in Manhattan, New York and works as a Software Engineer, but cherishing his talent of writing. He maintains two blogs ‘An Empty Glass’ and ‘The Plain Papers’."