Fresh-cover-As the Breeze Whistled Past-29-3-2017

As The Breeze Whistled Past…

By Gayatri Nair

“Her heart throbbed…
“Will I ever be able to see him again?
Will I be…….?”
Three and a half decades after parting ways with her first love James, Nandini visits her old school for its Golden Jubilee celebrations, eager to meet James.
But to her utter disappointment, no one could help her trace him.
Visiting her school rekindles old emotions and she longs to find out, how her beloved James was now.
Twists and turns in Nandini’s life as she faces heartbreak and longing, which are both touching and painful.
Set against a picturesque background of enchanting Kerala; the story is bound to captivate the reader on a journey of love, life and destiny…”

Fresh-cover-As the Breeze Whistled Past-29-3-2017
Gayatri Nair
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An Electrical Engineer by profession, Gayatri Nair served as Chief Engineer in the Kerala State Electricity Board and is now enjoying a retired life. Although she had written articles in technical journals during her career, her passion to write a full length novel remained dormant as her work environment did not offer her time to indulge in her lifelong passion. Now as she enjoys her retired life, her passion has moulded into her first novel, ‘As the Breeze Whistled Past…’