The First Storyteller

By Varun Gwalani

“On the other side of the villages was the vast, infinite Forest. It was the land of mystery, lore and legend and I had always been drawn to it…When my eyes alighted on it, everything came together once more. I knew what I had to do. I needed to leave. I needed to dream. I was going to be a revolutionary, simply now because I had that eternal currency that all revolutions deal in: Hope.”

Unhappy with the stifling monotony of everyday life, a storyteller decides to leave everything behind. The First Storyteller recounts the incredible and transformative journey that the storyteller embarks upon. Through a wide variety of styles and genres, the book draws upon the very idea of stories to bring to you a unique tale that is simultaneously funny, tragic and hopeful. It brings to the forefront the emotional turmoil of a deeply conflicted individual, and in the end, the question becomes not what is at the end of the Path, but whether the person who starts the journey would be the same as the one who ends it.

Varun Gwalani
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Varun Gwalani is a young author living in Mumbai. A TEDx speaker, he has spoken about his struggle with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and the impact it has had on his writing. He is an advocate of better mental health awareness, gender equality, and alternative styles and themes of writing in India. He has previously published a novel, Believe, which represented the setting of a fictional world without any indigenous mythological elements. (This book is not a sequel to Believe). He is happy to answer fan questions and receive feedback, and can be emailed at gwalanivarun@gmail.com