Dalits, Dynasty & She

By Sanjay Chitranshi

“‘Dalits, Dynasty and She’ is a political satire.

For the first time in the history of the nation, a Dalit woman leader has captured the seat of power in the most populous and politically most important state. And decades after the independence, the Dalits are feeling hopeful of justice and their empowerment.

An old political party, controlled by a powerful dynasty that has ruled the country most of the years since the independence, is facing the charges of massive corruption.

A powerful movement against corruption has erupted under an old social-activist, hijacked by his vocal, ambitious upper-caste supporters is spreading over the entire country, taking the political class by surprise.

A small section of the Dalits and tribal, disgruntled with the status-quo and the feudal power-structure, while the seats of power change from one set of looters to another have embraced Maoism and are preparing for an armed revolution.

Will the marginalised sections of the society get justice and be empowered under the rule of a Dalit leader?

Will the movement against corruption succeed?

Will the Maoist succeed in an armed revolution?

Finally, will the chance meeting of so many strong socio-political currents help the nation usher in a new beginning?”

Sanjay Chitranshi
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Sanjay Chitranshi is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee. Dalits, Dynasty, and She is his second novel. His first novel is Poetic Penetrations. Besides being a poet and a writer on the path of self-evolution through writing, which he had beautifully told in his first novel through an absorbing tale, he also possesses a keen social and political mind. He believes one cannot evolve in isolation. Dalits, Dynasty and She despite being a satire on the Indian socio-political systems is a tribute to the Indian state for its resilience, tolerance and acceptance.