Fresh cover-String of pearls-4-1-2017

A Tale Of Two Dogs in String of Pearls

By Sumathi Kulkarni

A retired teacher, Sumathi Kulkarni lives in India and believes that “The unique characteristic of my country is its multiplicity of culture, language, and religion that bonds its people to weave into a spiritually beautiful nation. It is rich in its heritage spread throughout the length and breadth of its land. One life is insufficient to understand its beauty of existence.”

Fresh cover-String of pearls-4-1-2017
Sumathi Kulkarni
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"Sumathi Kulkarni has more than twenty-five years of teaching experience, with a post-graduate degree in English, a post-graduate teaching certificate, and a post-graduate diploma in teaching English from English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU). A few of her writings have been published in newspapers, Femina, Frozen Thoughts, and a couple of defense magazines. Her first book, Bouquet Of Brain Waves, was published 3 years back. She is from a defense background; her husband was a retired colonel. She is very passionate about the welfare of animals and traveling to new places."