Fresh cover - souvenir - radhika


By Radhika Joneja

“To whom I met one day
But may not meet again.
Whose image,
Despite the distance of space and time,
Has become clearer in my mind.
Who became a part of my life and,
Whom I watch everyday,
Even with my eyes closed.
Who exists,
In my every thought.
Who became the essence of
My life, my every breadth,
My dreams and my desires.”

Fresh cover - souvenir - radhika
Radhika Joneja
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"A souvenir is basically a memento, a keepsake, or a remembrance. It is something which a person acquires; something to which a person associates his or her memories with. It may be an object collected which sums up, the dearest of memories. Souvenir is my memento to my experiences; it is a memento to my remembrance. It holds a very deep meaning in my life as it is associated with the person who made my heart weep and who left my soul with many bruises, but leaving everything aside, he who also gave me my first book. Souvenir is not just a book for me; writing it down required immense courage but once it was complete, it bestowed me with lot of happiness that came with fulfillment and a sense of achievement."