Art Has Heart

By Usha Parakh

“The emotions, the exuberance, the passion, the creativity that inflows in our heart and burst as an art relates to the term “”ART HAS HEART”". The synchronization of term, the perfect balance of lyrics, the sharp yet soft prose, the soothing alphabets, use of onomatopoeia revitalized the poem and makes the reader the core concept of the poems.

The book “ART HAS HEART”" deals with the today’s generations issues, planet’s issues, love, romance, global warming, beauty and so on. The book also contains inspirational and motivational poems for the real world.

I am sure this book will chuck you into the world of entertainment where you love to be lost in mused mood to play the music of symphony.”

Usha Parakh
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Usha Parakh is a novelist who is passionate about literature, art and craft. She strives to find the profound meaning of life through her various travels. Travelling to various parts of India has given her a deep and innate understanding of the Indian culture and people, which has immensely inspired her to write Art has Heart.