Fresh-Madhusudhanan Nair Inde Mol-31-3-2017

Madhusudhanan Nair Inde Mol

By Veekshith KH

“Madhusudhanan Nair Inde Mol takes you through a journey of a young girl lost in a sea of questions about life, love and career, in search of answers.
As she travels to her roots, to her grandmother- out of college, confused and lost- Will she find the answers she has been looking for?”

Fresh-Madhusudhanan Nair Inde Mol-31-3-2017
Veekshith KH
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"I have been a storyteller for as long as I can remember, and I remember a lot, thanks to a great memory. Growing up, I fell in love with books and cinema, and my memories were thus given a narrative structure they lacked before. I began sharing my stories with the world first on my blog (, telling short stories to my friends and then getting published in an anthology by Mood-I. ‘The God of Small Things’ by Arundhati Roy and the works of Marquez are among my favourite. I am 22, a graduate of NIT-Karnataka, trying to find a voice of my own. And this story, I believe, will help me do that."