By Sweta Chakraborty

The eternal dilemma – what to put into tomorrow’s tiffin box? Whether for children with their picky food habits or office goers on the rush or busy parents with too many balls in the air…here is salvation! This illustrated and delightful book of quick, simple and delicious tiffin recipes, will find a permanent place on your kitchen shelf as well as in your heart. Included are recipes especially for diabetics, especially children, who often have a hard time eating the right things. Every recipe carries a Nutritional Note. These recipes are also ideal for those days when you want to take out a picnic basket or go on road and rail trips with family and friends. All you have to do is turn the pages and pick your favourites…

Sweta Chakraborty
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Sweta Chakraborty, was born in Kolkata. Like many young children, she was keenly interested in observing the techniques her family members used to prepare traditional food for religious ceremonies, as well as normal fare. A post-graduate in Public Relations, Sweta began her career as a marketing professional. As an ardent admirer of the culinary arts, Sweta has been food blogger since 2011. Her food writing has become extremely popular and been showcased by various food websites on both national and international platforms. Her e-books are cherished by many a food lover. Sweta drew the idea of this book from her own experiences as a home-cook and from her extensive travels, when she had the opportunity to explore the culinary delights of many countries. Her work has multifarious influences, from family recipes to popular restaurant and street food. This book is a collection of some of her all-time favourite recipes. Sweta defines cooking as ‘kitchen chemistry’ and the kitchen as her personal laboratory.