The Global Vegetarian

By Mridu Shailaj Thanki, Juhee Prabha Rathor, Vandana Shailaj Thanki

Although the majority of people around the world are not traditionally vegetarian, there is an increasing trend towards it. Not so long ago, travellers  found it challenging to locate any vegetarian food options outside their own homes and regions. This is no longer the case as vegetarianism has gained support, particularly in countries that were once exclusively non-vegetarian. For reasons of health, personal beliefs, as well as ecology, more and more people now recognise the value of a vegetarian diet and most menus offer vegetarian options. As the number of people travelling globally has increased exponentially, they have also been exposed to different cultures and cuisines. This in turn has led to a burgeoning interest in innovative as well as traditional vegetarian cooking.  This book brings together international flavours, foods, and cooking techniques, selected from the world travels of the three authors and their passionate interest in gastronomy, one of the finest spices of life. They joyously present a plethora of vegetarian dishes for family meals as well as for entertaining friends. This vegetarian collection of delicious dishes is an integral part of the mainstream, culinary experience.

Mridu Shailaj Thanki, Juhee Prabha Rathor, Vandana Shailaj Thanki
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Mridu Shailaj Thanki was born in India and lives in the UK. She raised her two children while working in the public and voluntary sectors at a senior level. Her passion for cookery goes back to her childhood. MriduÍs extensive travels exposed her to diverse cultures and cuisines while honing her culinary skills. She has run cookery classes in different parts of the world and has appeared on British Television. In 2009, she published her first book on vegetarian food, Feasts of India. She has also co-authored a book on children living in poverty, Our Lives and Hopes; Beyond Statistics and Reports (2006). Juhee Prabha Rathor was born in Kenya and lives in London. A practising lawyer, with a background in psychotherapy, training and coaching, she has an abiding interest in gastronomy and nutrient-rich foods for optimal performance. Juhee is fascinated by crosscultural cuisines and the role of food in connecting communities and regions around the world. She experiments extensively with global recipes and enjoys creating her own range of healthy, enjoyable and innovative dishes. Juhee blogs about all things foodie and healthy at http://foodwiz4u.blogspot.co.uk . Vandana Shailaj-Thanki was born in India and grew up in Mumbai, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country. As a vegetarian she further developed a palate for and interest in diverse vegetarian cuisines. A social worker by profession, Vandana has worked in childrenÍs social care, including children with disabilities. She moved to the UK many years ago. Living in London provided her with opportunities to develop her love of cooking and experimenting with both new and tried and tested recipes from all over the world. Vandana especially enjoys baking and making desserts. She recently took up weaving using a table loom, translating her keen interest in the arts and crafts into practice.