Cents And Non-Cents The Nemesis of Inflation

By Mohammed Saif

“What is the root cause of inflation?

{ } Too much money in circulation.

{ } Demand for goods exceeds supply.

{ } Increase in the cost of production.

{ } All of the above.

{ } None of the above.

For millennia, the waywardness of inflation has vexed economists and financial experts alike yet neither individuals nor nations have succeeded in coming to grips with it. Across the world, it is the common man, bewildered and exasperated by this baffling phenomenon called ‘inflation’, who has always been left holding the short end of the stick. No matter what the remedial measures adopted by experts, INFLATION will just not be TAMED.

This book, written by a non-economist, in a style readily comprehensive by lay persons (who are not adverse to a modicum of basic maths), delves into the arcane world of money, commerce, banking and finance to wring out the shocking truth about inflation from the shadowy depths. These pages will indelibly alter the reader’s perception of money and leave the worlds of banking and economics both shaken and stirred.

Mohammed Saif
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"MOHAMMED SAIFUL ISLAM holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pure Sciences. He studied Chartered Accountancy before taking up a career in banking. His predilection for academic pursuits steered him towards assignments as diverse as Industrial Engineering, Business Management, Information Technology and Enterprise Risk Management. This extensive exposure has served to add value to this book in no small measure. Saif has travelled extensively and lived in many different places across India. Post-retirement he has taken up writing as a full-time occupation. He can be reached at: mohdsaif35@yahoo.co.in"