By Kadambari Kaul

Lead me from the unreal to real, from darkness to light, from death to immortality: these three profound prayers emerge from the distilled soul of eternal India. They are the quintessence of the Brihadaranyaka (Great Forest Text), that ranks amongst the oldest of the esoteric revelations which constitute the Upanishadic corpus. This pristine work of intuitive wisdom, having at its core the wondrous insight of Yajnavalkya, its pioneer-sage, offers a veritable roadmap, guiding worthy seekers of knowledge on a course of spiritual ascendance and ultimate liberation – with faith, logic and contemplation, as the pilgrims’ wherewithal. Strewn along the path of this great journey of self-discovery, are answers to mankind’s eternal questions on creation, the meaning of existence, karma, transmigration, and finally, attainment of oneness with Brahman – the Ultimate Reality. Apart from Ethics, Psychology and Metaphysics are other high grounds bridged by the Brihadaranyaka. Its in-depth examination of the sense organs and objects; of the propensity of the mind to act on the ‘pleasure principle’; and its incisive analysis of the states of dream and deep sleep; all constitute powerful testimony to the profound psychological insights of the Upanishadic Hrshi. But it is the enunciation of the Vedantic metaphysics of non-dualism, based on neti neti (negation of all empirical reality), that constitutes the deepest philosophical message of this Great Upanishad. This volume presents an innovative transcreation of the Brihadaranyaka in simple, free-flowing verse, supported by an eclectic array of elucidations and commentaries gleaned from the works of many master interpreters. It beckons the modern truth-seeker towards the liberating experience of exploring this font of ancient wisdom (prajnaa puraanee), anew.

Kadambari Kaul
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Kadambari Kaul was born into a family of lawyers, scholars, theosophists and educationists. She grew up in an environment where she was exposed to stimulating conversation and literature and the windows of the mind opened to a much wider world. She began seeking answers about the true meaning of existence; why things are the way they are and not how they should be.She began expressing her thoughts in poetry. Kadambari learnt early in life that moments of suffering are in truth moments of Grace, as she turned towards the ancient wisdom of the scriptures for guidance. A Sociology Honours graduate from Elphinstone College, Bombay,Kadambari Kaul is the author of 'Gautama Buddha - A Noble life,' published in 2003, followed by 'Verses from the Dhammapada,' published in 2007. Both the aforementioned books received positive reviews in the national press, with the latter now included in the library collections of the Heidelberg University, Germany and the National Taiwan University. Verses from the Dhammapada was also selected by the reviewers of Karuna Bodhisattva Order for originality. In 2010, at the recommendation of Sahitya Academy, Kadambari's poem ' Peace' was published in Literary Paritantra, an international journal published by Dayalbagh University, Agra. Kadambari's latest book the 'Brihadaarnayaka - the Great Upanishad - Understanding Brahman and the Ultimate Reality' published by Leadstart Publishing under their Celestial Books Imprint, is the outcome of several years of intensive research. Writing the numerous poems and commentaries has been a kind of meditative excercise for her. It is Kadambari's earnest endeavour to show people through this ancient Upanishad, that while living in this world characterized by the suffering of change, it is possible to work towards higher degrees of spiritual happiness, and ulitmately liberation and immortal life. Kadambari Kaul can be reached at kadambarikaul@yahoo.co.in