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  • Natal Fault
  • Trapped in Want and Wonder
  • Honour For A Ransom
  • Pradipta Panda
  • ARYAVEER – The Guardian Of Dakshin Durgh
  • Democracy 2.0
  • The Lamentations of a Sombre Sky
  • Tell me Your Real Story
  • Borrowed Plumes
  • IMG_6808
    Pratima Kapur
  • IMG_5809
    Vikram Dhawan
  • 1381521_611050018937776_1318454273_n
    Only One Life to Give
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  • 10368335_819266441449465_4047337118263078432_o
    Stir My Heart_ Still My Soul
  • 377318_446917232017723_22150781_n
    Hilda David
  • 10345755_721528354556608_3353246263006982090_n
  • 12493597_1008558735853567_5304687851373129412_o
    Tell Me Your Real Story
  • 10917051_972523202790454_2783152780532365213_o
    Shubham Pandey
  • 10408163_743500372359406_6307544692962385497_n
    The Harbinger:Patchwork
  • 1003600_697694853606625_936242809_n
    The Helpline
  • 10978609_858184524224323_3819277040511152829_n
    The Recession Groom
  • 1798704_682296831813094_565720669_n
    The Sour Faced Moon
  • 12185567_977914468917994_7276557370585859698_o
    The Switch
  • 11080359_878757898833652_7560778517681822963_o
    Law of Julik
  • 11140176_882599045116204_1338254763724147242_o
    Why Not Use Some Common Sense?
  • 10856470_854695061239936_6597914801796548701_o
    Wings of freedom
  • 10273627_718318151544295_1352368049489935108_n
    Once Upon A Crush
  • 1521720_649435808432530_645569_n
    No Vacancy for Love
  • 1175010_591631060879672_2077310374_n
    Marry Go Round
  • 532737_411947875514659_1046955408_n
    Tejas Love is Worship
  • 1800341_676000685776042_589096710_n
    Dr Paramita Mukherjee Mullick
  • 165402_400332533342860_423421632_n
  • 1375980_619107264798718_7426003_n
    Colours of Life
  • 10911415_848566451852797_2274767920650620559_o
    Beneath the surface
  • 1461144_636422546400523_227593632_n
  • 1535439_652201578155953_449420027_n
  • 8980_529500703759375_1744697387_n
    Above The Rice Fields Of Pilerne
  • 1002865_577355578973887_765459786_n
    A Salesmans Lessons
  • 10359054_787800401262736_5172765498219858392_o
    Sixteen Mistakes
  • Six Inches are enough on Heels
  • 1528573_754897074553069_3245660880338634208_n
  • 12065757_976309849078456_4961087027604952763_n
    Monsoon Masala
  • 10486367_810081375701305_8716993353982127964_o
    It’s All in Your Mind
  • 11043071_867794783263297_2240138883996285820_n
    Innocent desire
  • 11016841_863007303742045_7810521526604082582_o
    Forbidden One
  • 10540854_773886555987454_6172694529034574587_n
    Exit point
  • 10547835_781352748574168_4307549912331811118_o
    Democracy 2.0
  • 10423805_821761127866663_1753086042812781666_n
    Dark White
  • 10005889_814887611887348_2778869570120902500_o
    Batatawadai Puram Adventures and More . . .
  • IMG-20151213-WA0008
    Breaking up the Shackles
  • 12356768_997561290286645_4915463157954546493_o
    The Gods, Demons and People of Kunhimangalam’
  • 12493597_1008558735853567_5304687851373129412_o
    Tell Me Your Real Story
  • 12484641_1011397288903045_2711081672088693996_o
  • 12604910_1016847838357990_8758918515910678666_o
    Ambling Indian
  • Ananad - thumbnail
    Nagarjuna & Amala to Book Launch AJAYA
    By Anand Neelakantan
  • Thumbnail
    Priya Dutt to launch ‘Over a Cup of Coffee
    By Madhavi Hadker
  • Thumbnail
    Anant Nag Launches Colours In The Spectrum
    By Jayant Swamy
  • One
    Book Launch “One”
    By Shriya Shakseria
  • Passin Beyond1
    Sourav Ganguly Launches “A Passion Beyond Extremes”
    By Rajnish Gambhir
  • Thumbnail
    Anupam Kher Launches”The Divine And The Destiny”
    By Meenakshi Raina
  • 320982_499415273434585_85004059_n
    Malaika Arora & Amrita Arora Launches “Bonsai Kitten”
    By Lakshmi Narayan
  • A Bolt Of Lightning Book Launch
    Naseeruddin Shah “A Bolt Of Lightning”
    By Satyen Nabar
  • Kajol & Tanisha Launches Champa Series
    By Asha Shankardass
  • Dr.Shashi Tharoor, Sri.K.P.Mohanan Launches “Sketches”
    By Smita Padmanabhan
  • Mahesh Manjekar Launches “BLOSSOM SHOWERS A NOVEL”
    By Giselle Mehta
  • Thumbnail
    Kiran Bedi Launches “Tejas: Love is Worship”
    By Nishi Malhotra
  • Lvoe From Slideline - Thumbnail
    Dolly Thakur Launches “Love From The Sidelines”
    By Mayank Anand
  • Soulful Life Thumbnail
    Sharmila Raj Thackrey Launches “A Soulful of Lie”
    By Supriya Parulekar
  • Faceless - Thumbnail
    Rituparna Sengupta Launches “Faceless”
    By Tapan Ghosh
  • The Unkindest - Thumbnail
    Dolly Thakur Launches “The Unkindest Cut”
    By Sumit Mullick
  • Tom Alter Launches “Incognito”
    By Lata Gwalani
  • Sethumadhavan& S Sreesanth Launches “Dividing Lines”
    By K. N. Raghavan
  • Thumbnail
    Ashwin Sanghi & Anusham Jha Launches “Revenge Of The Naked Princess”
    By Oswald Pereira
    Prof. Dr. Y. V. Reddy & Padma Vibhushan Launches “WITHERED LEAVES”
    By Jayanta Ray
  • Travails of Entrapment - Thumbnail
    Sridhar Rangayan Launches “Travails of Entrapment”
    By Himadri Roy
  • Tiger By The Tail - Thumbnail
    Kavita Krishnamurti Launches “Tiger by the Tale”
    By Lakshmi Prathivadi
  • The Journey of the unknown path - Thumbnail
    The Journey Of The Unknown Path
    By Manhardeep Singh Ahluwalia
  • The Inevitable Bond
    By Mansi Soni
  • Brendan Sands Launches “The Indian Get Up and GO Diary”
    By Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
  • Thumbnail
    Chhagan Bhujbal Launches “Temple Of Sunrise”
    By Ranjita
  • Randhir Khare Launches “Tails and Tales”
    By Hilda David
  • Preeti Jhangiani and Nitya Satyani launches “Spinning Top”
    By Nitya Satyani
  • Ms. Shobhaa De Launches “P.T.O”
    By Y.Sid Reddy
  • Dr.Farooq Abdullah “Poetry Writing”
    By Sarika Singh
  • Thumbnail
    By Tannaz Daver
  • Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam at his debut book  Love from the Sidelines
    Love From slidelines
  • Thumbnail
    Little Setu And The Forbidden Forest Of Ula
  • VJ Paloma Launches “Letters From My Beloved”
    By Akanksha Bhatia
  • Healing The Blue Planet
  • Blissed out - Thumbnail
    S K Biswas Launches “Blissed Out”
    By M C Raj
  • Asura Book Reading Session
    By Anand Neelakantan
  • Dr C N Ashwath Narayan Launches “Arindam And The Kalyug Debacle Premonition”
    By Rohit Prakash
  • A Maverick Heart  Thumbnail
    A Maverick Heart : Between love and life
    By Ravindra Shukla
  • You are not alone Thumbnail
    You Are Not Alone
    By G A Kulkarni
  • Thumbnail
    Book Reading – A Box of Chocolates