You Raise Me Up: Arjun Hemmady


Give me something to read and I will be the happiest. This is exactly why, even though I am on vacation and trying to just relax with no plans to do anything else, I still went ahead and signed up to review this book. After all, a book can do no harm even if you are vacationing ;)
The book, You Raise Me Up, is from the author, Arjun Hemmady, all of 25 years and pursuing his Chartered Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The book is about  how a 27 year old chartered accountant, Aalok Sharma meets Priyanka Mehra, a lawyer, feels attracted to her, yet something holds him back. The book is divided into three parts – The first part is all about him meeting Priyanka and how they become close to each other, the second part traces his yester years, his journey through his struggles as a CA aspirant to a young professional, his life before he met Priyanka (here, the reader realizes why he is hesitant in committing to a relation with Priyanka) and why he acts the way he is in the first part. The third part brings the reader back to the present and stitches together Aalok’s life to connect the past with the present and bring the book to a happy ending.
The life of a CA aspirant is clearly portrayed in the book. The despair, the struggle and the hard work to clear the exam is written so well. If you are a chartered accountant or aspiring to be one, you can definitely relate so well with a lot that is written in the book. I’ve seen may of my CA friends go through the phases mentioned in the book – their struggles, hardwork, the tension build up just before the result is announced, the dejected feeling when they didn’t clear the exam and the exuberant feeling when they passed – I’ve in fact experienced it all quite closely with my best friend. The life of young professionals in a metropolitan city is sketched quite well in the book.  My favourite part in the book, though, was the relation between Arjun and his twin sister, Isha (I am a sucker for twins, so I might be partial here). It is portrayed beautifully – no one can love you as a sibling does, no one can feel your pain as your sibling does and definitely no one will stand by you no matter what, like your sibling does! This book may not keep you hooked from the beginning to the end, but it’s definitely interesting and though at times it’s quite predictable, there are times when you are left wondering. I loved the book more towards the end where there seemed to be a bit of uncertainty as to what happens next and how the story might end. But other than that, the book is kept simple with not much surprises.
Considering that the book is from a first time author, it is a good read. However, personally, I would’ve loved if the book was slightly better off in terms of language and flow of sentence. The book is a light read and you can finish it in a couple of hours. All in all, if you have a couple of hours to while away and you want to sit back and relax, this book is worth a try.

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You Raise Me Up by Arjun Hemmady is a touching and intense novel as only the love can be, to deprive you of the desire to do anything that would prevent you from being glued to the pages and is a book that will surprise, conquer and awaken in you all kinds of emotions, from joy to fear, from the candid love to passion.

Aalok Sharma, a 27-year-old, chartered accountant, has never experienced true love. But when on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai he meets the bubbly and gorgeous Priyanka Mehra, very different from the classic girl you would expect, he is at once ensnared and they are right away fascinated to each other, though fully opposite in nature.

Nevertheless, something is holding Aalok back as there is something about him that brings back what she had pushed into the depths of his soul, the memory of a painful past of Aalok that comes back to upset them. Although he is determined to stay away from it, the way his past is able to touch the strings of his heart, strings that nobody can even touch, bring down his defences.

And, in a sense, it is what has happened, until their fateful meeting. Since that time something sublime happens in the book and also in the heart of the reader the hope rises again. But it does not in the most obvious imaginable way, or through an idyllic and pure love, but through the burning pain, the most inconvenient truths, and the most difficult challenges to overcome.

Their relationship becomes more and more intense, but Aalok also hides a secret, which once revealed will change the lives of both of them. Only bravely facing the truth, without giving up the love and trust they feel for each other, Aalok and Priyanka can hope to heal their emotional wounds and live their relationship to the full.

Aalok and Priyanka bind in a delightfully unusual relationship, and as they learn to enjoy the pleasure of the first times, they realize that their relationship could have very deep roots, anchored in a painful past of Aalok, a past that none of the two would ever want to remember, but which refuses to stay away.

I cannot tell you what happens in the book to not take away all the pleasure of discovering for you the various twists that the writer has scattered inside. The genius of how every single detail of the plot can take place in the grand finale that the author has created, is disarming. The book is not a simple story of love, maybe just a little spicier than usual and, instead, this stock book is much, much more.

The writer is really a genius with strong narrative skills who with his pen will play with your heart filling it with overwhelming feelings and creating a sweet and dramatic story that will touch your soul.

The book enchants and upsets and is a strong novel in every respect with strong characters, to whom it is impossible not to become attached, and is strong its plot, which conceals twists and transmits very strong emotions and is recommend to anyone looking for a love story that not only leaves its mark, but also a story of life, despair and newfound hope.

If you are twisting the nose because you imagine that the book is the classic story of love at first sight and hearts, you are wrong. It’s true, the two are immediately attracted to each other, but what comes out is not an idyllic love story, but a book over the top made of emotional shocks, lies and mysteries.

It can be said that the book is divided into two halves. The first is more carefree, sensual, alluring punctuated by witty dialogues between the various primary and secondary witty and adorable characters. The first part is still full of excitement, albeit more frivolous. The book is quite mature, so the sensuality is very present, but fear not of vulgarity whatsoever because there are none at all.

The author manages to push the characters to their limit and sometimes beyond it, without ever falling in squalid descriptions that leave a bitter taste. On the contrary even the sensual scenes, are characterized by a unique class that does make you hold your breath and heart beat faster.

The second half, however, is more like a runaway train. Given the tenor and carefree narrative of the first part, we can never expect what the author has given to the two protagonists. The revelation about the past of Aalok is devastating and completely changes the course of the book.

And it is precisely at that moment, when everything is falling apart, that Aalok and Priyanka prove stronger than you would think. The maturity and strength of mind with which the characters face their destinies, push the story to the next level.

This is not a simple book of love, but a mix of mystery, suspense and in short, something that is very different from the classic new adult stories that we usually find on the shelves lately as the author has the rare ability to be able to transpose in the pages of the book the raw power and emotions that it contains to dive headlong into a story that does not just pass on the skin like water, but scratch your armour and leaves a mark.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 364 ♥ Published: September 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352013883

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Does love happen at first sight or it doesn’t? Can it happen twice? Yes? No? Was that your true love or is this? Can anyone rule the heart? Well I don’t think so. People are stuck solving these questions what they don’t realise is that “The heart wants what it wants”.

Born on 5th April 1989, Arjun Hemmady completed his schooling from St. Mary’s ICSE (Mazgaon) and College from RA Podar College of Commerce and Economics. He is pursuing his Chartered Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). His past times include writing, reading books, and watching movies. He works in a manufacturing company.

You Raise Me Up is a story of Aalok Sharma, a pure soul wandering in search of love to settle down the restless of his heart. His caring nature melts the hearts of a lot of girls, but where does his heart want to go? He can go back to his old relationship and try to put together the broken pieces of his marriage or he can choose a new path and spend the rest of his life with a person full of life and colours.

Aalok is a charming boy always protected by her twin sister Isha from the world. Tanvi is a smart girl who came to Mumbai with lots of dreams.  Aalok falls in love with Tanvi and makes Tanvi’s aim his own. Tanvi, too falls in love with the caring and protecting nature of Aalok and they are married. But then their life takes an indifferent turn. None of them are able to give time to each other which made them to separate. Aalok plunges into depression for 3 years until he meets Priyanka on a flight. After a lot of weird and funny interactions, they realized that they need each other in their lives. It breaks the myth in the mindsets of people that the new generation doesn’t take love seriously.

The novel asks us many questions. Which path should one choose? Is there an algorithm to solve this dilemma? Should we be even searching for answers or not? Well, according to me, everyone’s story is different from the other.

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Some reviewers may say that love stories are the norm on the Indian writing scene and that’s the reason that many authors are facing some serious flak too.

While it is true that readers are exhausted of reading stories of a man and woman meeting, falling in love and then not finally settling down because ‘they don’t feel like it’, there are some romance stories that offer what’s a more realistic account of urban romance, like You Raise Me Up. This is the complete review of Arjun Hemmady’s You Raise Me Up.

The term ‘It’s Complicated’ has become a cliched term when it comes to describe romances and relationships. , Arjun’s story is a classic case of the its complicated relationship status and describes it well.

At the outset, You Raise Me Up is a simple story of Aalok who meets the beautiful Priyanka. However, things are not as simple as they seem. Aalok has a dark secret buried in his past that might just not go down well with the ideas of his future.

The author has created a mature, sensible love story that tackles the sensitive issue of love after marriage and divorce and it should be said that the subject has been handled in a expert manner. Arjun creates a good story line and suffices it with nicely created characters who remain with the readers even after they book is done and over with.

The basic premise of the book holds the reader’s interest and the instances shown in the book keeps their interest captured, making this a good, light read for those who love their romances with a little tadka here and there.

While the scenes do a good job of connecting the story all in all, the sudden existence of violence in some of the sequences may be off putting to the reader – and does seem forced in some of the places. This is not to say that violence isn’t good to put in a book, but readers might take some time to come to grasp with two common, everyday women coming to fisticuffs in their home.

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You Raise Me Up by Arjun Hemmady – Book Review


November 12, 2015   Book Reviews

You Raise Me Up



You Raise Me Up is the story of Aalok Sharma, a 27-year-old chartered accountant, who meets the vivacious and beautiful Priyanka Mehra, on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. Both of them are completely opposite in nature, but there is something that strikes a chord between them. Attracted to each other, they love each other’s company but there is something that is holding Aalok back. Will Aalok be able to overcome his past? Will he be able to embrace the future by letting go what happened in his life earlier? Well one needs to read the book to know what fate has in store for Aalok.

Book Review:

You Raise Me Up is targeted towards young adult readers. The story is simple with no twists and turns. May resonate well with teens and young adults. They will find it relatable because the story depicts the life of the young people in metropolitan cities. The descriptions and imagery are nice at places. The metropolitan life of students and young independent people has been sketched vividly and effectively.

The story moves smoothly but at times the dialogues felt too lengthy and boring. They could have been cut short into crisp, impressive dialogues. At times the events seemed too predictable, maybe because we have read innumerable love stories.

A simple read. If you are looking for a light reading, might give this one a shot.

Thanks to the publisher for providing the book for an honest review.

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You Raise Me Up by Arjun Hemmady


Book Title: You Raise Me Up

Author: Arjun Hemmady

Paperback: 364 pages

Publisher: Frog Books (September 29, 2015)

Language: English


“Aalok Sharma, a 27-year-old, chartered accountant, meets the vivacious and beautiful Priyanka Mehra, on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. They are instantly attracted to each other, though completely opposite in nature.

However, something is holding Aalok back. Will this thing throw a spanner in his love story? Or will he be able to overcome his demons?”


Cover Design: To me it looked quite funny, though a cartoon I understood that it will certainly have a story that is impressive. The cover page is not difficult to understand, it drives the point straight.

My first Impression as I read: I was happy to note that Arjun Hemmady is trying to motivate his colleagues through this book. Fictional though we learn through imagery and picturesque description of life.

Target Audience: As per my understanding the targeted audience is young adults and most specifically Chartered Accountants.

Story: The story is simple and there is nothing new to it. It doesn’t match to the expectations of what one would call literature in its true sense. Though it may be fancied by teens and young adults no doubt, as the language is down to earth and easily understandable.

Imagery: I loved the description and the imagery the author has managed to intersperse the book with. The metropolitan life is portrayed really well.

Dialogues: A bit lengthy and could be reduced to make a lasting impact.

Overall it is a very easy and light read. So take a chance and drop on this book!



Born on 5th April 1989, Arjun Hemmady completed his schooling from St. Mary’s ICSE (Mazgaon) and College from RA Podar College of Commerce and Economics. He is pursuing his Chartered Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). His past times include writing, reading books, and watching movies. He works in a manufacturing company.


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