“With Blue Ink Of The Oceans” is a poem book by Anu Joshi published by Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd. The book has a collection of beautiful and intense poems.

The poetess has reflected her views on the society and the dark of emotions and the link between the two in this book.

Poems like “My lover has a girlfriend”, “Measuring Sorrow”, “At the end of a Rainbow” the poetess has poured her heart narrating the dark side of love.  The beauty of her poems is the intensity of truth that she has shown in her words. Her poems are an unfiltered jar of emotions.

People who love reading intense poems should definitely grab this book. One can experience a wide range of feelings that a person goes through relationships with this book.

Sneha Tawate

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 With Blue Ink of the Oceans by Anu Joshy


Anu Joshy has been an acclaimed poet in India. For her poetry that is superbly overloaded with intense thought, grossness of the issues, her simplicity and docile mannerism in delivering her emotions expressively.


Her earlier anthologies like ‘When My Heart Speaks,’ which was published in 2008 and ‘Of the Lesser Known,’ published in 2011, has given her the sense to open up her mind to the realities of life. Apart from the awards she won for poetry like the ‘Challenge Memorial Award for English Poetry 2011’ she makes a drastic impression on the reader by her realistic and lively poetry in her very recent collection of poems titles ‘With Blue Ink of the Oceans.’

Much before I get into the appreciation of her work I would like to state that reading this work has truly sensitized and alerted my mind towards the impending trouble a woman goes through her lifetime.

The cover page of the book is pretty simple depicting the face of a girl, very artistic presentation indeed. Although a few grammatical hiccups one can notice but they are avoidable due to the intensity of Anu Joshy’s poetry.

Poems like, ‘nomad,’ ‘red riding hood the fifth,’ ‘my lover has a girlfriend,’ and ‘haunt me not’, are some of the poems that I loved reading and grasping what they meant. The book is a collection of truly realistic, unforgettable, picturesque description of a life of a woman. Anu Joshy has worded each poem from her heart for sure, because no word stands separate from the poem. Each word gives meaning to the issue or incidence, she has described or illustrated. You can imagine and feel what she poetically pours. I really had a marvelous time reading this piece of literature, rejuvenating myself to respect women out there, struggling at times to receive the dignity that they deserve. Although Anu Joshy doesn’t at all times display a negative image of men, but she does imply that, men have devastated the lives of women to some extent.

The following is her first poem in this book and I would like to do a literary appreciation of the poem:


Disowning Sorrow

Sorrow wanders my courtyard

And calls to me like a crying child.

Lost in my happy chores, I’m ruffled

By the sound of its clinking anklets

At night, my dreamless sleep

Is broken by sorrow that

Calls out to me from its crib.

It looks at me longingly

With sad eyes and hungry lips,

My soul brims

I give in and cradle it fondly,

Sorrow then cackles

Showing its toothless gum

And feeds on my bosom

And goes off to sleep…

© Anu Joshy, 2016

(With Blue Ink Of The Oceans)

The poet Anu Joshy has personified Sorrow, an abstract reality. She has also used onomatopoeia in the poem for instance, clinking anklets. Anu Joshy describes the characteristics of sorrow by using similes. The poem ‘Disowning Sorrow’ portrays how sorrow lurks about us. The important fact we ought to remember here is whenever sorrow comes we must accept it with a smile. Just like we have often heard that everything happens for good. The poem is an eye opener to the fact that life is not always a bed full of roses. There are happy moments and moments of sorrow intertwined.


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With Blue Ink Of the Oceans by Anu Joshy – A book review

With Blue Ink Of the Oceans is a collection of poems written by Anu Joshy, published by Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd. On the first hand, I would like to thank the publishing house for sending me a copy of the book and my appreciation for the house in encouraging young poets and poetess. This book carries an outstanding collection of poems written by the poetess Anu Joshy.

The cover speaks for the elegance of poetry collection inside the book. A poem becomes more close to you when it becomes relatable to you. And in that sense, every poem written by the poetess touched my heart.

The book puts forward the amount of pain that a person faces when cupid fails and in spite of that it encourages us to break those barriers of hurt and move on for a better tomorrow. It boosts up our spirit and serves as a virtual guide for young women who face crisis. You come to know that depths of depression hit not only you, but others face it too. And we can look up to the caressing words put forward by the poetess.

A few of the poems like ‘Nomad’ stayed with me longer than I thought it would. This particular poem pictures a scene in every day train journey and the description is way too good. The poem ‘River only flows forward’ made its own impression relating nature and life. ‘Stranger in my heart’, ‘Reflections’, ‘A friend to all’ ,are all my favorites from the book.

I have a longer list of favorites but I don’t want to put forward any spoilers, saving it for you to enjoy. After a dosage of 400 paged novels, I felt refreshing to read this compact book. Also every poem was different and had a new thought in it. There are a lot of brilliant works by Anu Joshy in the book and it is worth spending your time with. Tech nerds can grab an e-book too!

In all, a refreshing and valuable book. A good choice of read; recommended for young women.

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Review of With Blue Ink of the Oceans

Title  : With Blue Ink of the Oceans

Author : Anu Joshy


Blurb :Like a matured painter who is very particular in choosing the right and profound colours to draw a masterpiece, Anu has exhibited abundance of talent as a conscious artist in choosing the right words and putting them at the right place in her compositions for effectively creating the magic of lovely poetic creations”- R. K. Das, Director, Rajya Sabha, Parliament of India (‘Of The Lesser Known’)

“Anu has good talent, command and control of words and has fruitful imagination. The poetess appears to be a sensitive soul which reminds us of the old saying, ‘the heart has its own reasons that the head cannot understand”- Dr. Alexander Jacod, I.P.S (‘When My Heart Speaks”)

Anu Joshy’s poetry stands out for its universal appeal with great depth of thought, sensitivity to issues, power of expressions and refreshing honesty. It is captivating to see how she entraps the delicate emotions of the human heart and the nuances of relationships in her poems. Her identity and perception as a woman stands out stark in her poetry. Her third collection of poems ‘With Blue Ink of the Oceans’ is a candid mirror that she holds against her soul and the society. The beauty of her poetry lies in the truth that in that mirror we can see our own reflections.

My View :

I have with me the blue ink of the oceans,

And secrets fluttering in the wind

Like careless abandoned chits of paper;

Let me write you.

I like the way she plays with nature’s way of teaching to people and how one can learn about life from nature’s play.She draws message from nature’s play and bring forth to readers.The story she tells with her aesthetically carved words are worth to give a ear.The mellowness equipped in her verses can be easily felt through the genuine echoes coming straight from her heart.With her one hand in nature’s arm, she let’s reader visualize the story she narrates with her verses.Every verse speaks of the uniqueness it holds within itself.Albeit, the core could be same but the way she pours her imagination brings a new life to the theme.

She chooses sensitive topics to write on, topics which could melt reader’s heart.Such topics which you know, but yet to read in this manner.She let her thoughts wears the blanket of words with so delicacy, then those wrinkles left on the blanket would knock on the heart of reader’s heart.You would be thrilled to find the topics on which she chose to write on.One after other, there are some interesting and touching topics which could force you to feel through words.Every topics has its own sensitivity and are delivered with great intensity.

There’s only one thing that could make reader feel disappointed.Where some very swiftly enters into reader’s heart and makes reader’s heart overwhelmed, others don’t cast the spell as much as others do.It’s just that her verses are competing with each other in her book.

Worth a read! There’s a soul in each of her poems.Loved spending time with it.

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