“Thousand unspoken  Thoughts” is a roller coaster of feelings through poems.Prerna Khatri being the author of the book has spilled her heart into her words.

Her writings do not specify to any age group which makes it easier to connect to her writings to any audience. “A blessing” is a poem from her book that’s dedicated to mother which can be relatable to any person of any age group.

Her poems are short and meaning and also give a kick of our brains to think on her lane of thoughts.

“Thousand Unspoken Thoughts” by Prerna Khatri is worth a read.

Sneha Tawate

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Thousand Unspoken Thoughts by Prerna Khatri – Book review

Thousand Unspoken Thoughts Book Cover

 Thousand Unspoken Thoughts
 Prerna Khatri
 Poem/ Fiction
 Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
 July 29th 2015
 Review copy

Thousand Unspoken Thoughts’ Brings Together The Collection Of Poetry Of An Amateur Poet Who Uses Words To See Through The World. Prerna, Though Being An Advocate By Profession Believes That Writing Is Where Her Heart Lies. The Collection Is A Passage Through Her Mind, Where Innumerable Dreams And Aspirations, Are Brought Down To Ink. Her Writing Is Not Confined To Any Age Group; Hence, No Censor Certificate Is Required. Keeping That Thought Aside, She Believes In The Power Of Ink, And Her Poems Stand As Witness.


‘Thousand Unspoken Thoughts’ is a collection of poems and basically a poetry book, the first of its kind that I have read! To say the least, this is a great book, a collection of 50 innocent and beautiful poems that perfectly describe life situations, feelings and emotions that we otherwise do not express publicly and keep locked in our heart. Just like the name suggests, these are unspoken and honest thoughts coming from the mind of a common person like you and me.


Each of the 50 poems in this book are as captivating and beautiful as the others. In fact, you cannot list a favourite poem from this collection because each one is better than the previous one.

The poems speak on life, emotions, love, envy, fear, relationships, friendship and a lot more. These are actually thoughts pouring from the mind of a common man that you and me think and feel every day yet do not express freely to the world. The fact is, all of us are so occupied with our busy schedules and the thirst to become successful that we bury these thoughts inside our minds for years and years, until one day we do not recognize ourselves.

Ever feel that you miss yourself? The innocent self that you once used to be? Then this book is just perfect for you! It is a collaboration of short stories and thoughts that are expressed in the form of poems. They speak on every emotion humans feel and that’s the beauty of the book!

Writing Style:

Most poets are into the habit of use complex words and sentences to express their feelings. However, the author has done a great job here by using the simplest of words and short sentences to express herself. So, the book is not at all a complicated read and you can read it in pace. In fact, it is merely a 100-page book that you can read and finish in your leisure time.

My Perception:

This is a beautiful and honest book that everyone must read! It is nothing like the rhymes you read in school, there are mature poems, some also sort of stories that are expressed in the simplest words you’ll love to read. You will connect with every single poem in this collection and discover how easy it is to express oneself!

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Thousand unspoken thoughts – A roller coaster of emotions

Immerse yourself,

In the books I’ve read,
You’ll find company;
- Prerna Khatri

Clearly these words show how much impact reading has left on this debutant writer, Prerna Khatri. A lawyer, by profession and a poet, by passion, this writer’s work of art is commendable. Though, I’m not much into poetry, a good read never really hurts. And for someone who does not understand poetry with ease, this book’s a great start.

The writer manages to convey a variety of emotions, through 50 poems, that make you wonder how if this is really the writer’s debutant book. Flip open any page, you’d find some beautiful lines, flip some more pages and you’ll find something equally captivating.

With no specific rhyme scheme or form of writing, the writer manages to create her own style and it simply works wonders. The same goes with the themes, restricting to no particular genre, the writer has managed to cover a wide spread, there’s magic, there’s life, there’s love, there’s some dark themes, there’s social issues and all of it, makes the reader THINK & what’s even better is that with every read, one can find immense HOPE. In this way, the writer has succeeded to make her readers ponder.

The best thing about this book is that it’s not for any specific age or group, because there’s something for everyone to pick from. The words just work their magic beautifully.

There’s one other thing, that I felt through the book. Every single time you read or re-read a poem, it manages to communicate more, but that’s the effect of poetry, in general. It leaves an impact everytime.

The downside, if I’d have to pick any, would be that, sometimes, the words seem a little forced, but even that can be overlooked.

On the whole, the book’s a great buy and is definitely worth a read.

I’d give it 4/5!!!

The book’s available online. Grab a copy soon. The link’s below:

P.S. The writer’s already working on her second book!!! :)

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Book Review : Thousand Unspoken Thoughts

Thousand Unspoken Thoughts is a poetry book written by Prerna Khatri who is an Advocate by profession. The book is published by Virgin Leaf Books of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. I have received this book from the publishers.

Cover: Cover is simple, the feather and ink-pot on it looked like waiting to write these unspoken thoughts. I think the cover is suitable for this kind of book.

Content: This book is a collection of prose poems without written in any particular form or rhyme scheme. There are 50 of such prose poems making us aware of the thoughts of poetess Prerna Khatri. The poetess’s dreams,aspirations,imaginations,thoughts,messages,reality check, etc are woven in this 97 pages book.

Comment: I liked the thought behind many prose like ‘On Change, Freedom In Chains, In Conversation with the Devil, Reflections, Let There Be Light and many more other poems. Some poems are straight and I didn’t find any artistic imagery, poetic scheme or any thing like that which make reading poems different from paragraph or prose reading. If the poems were characterized by themes or thoughts the readers’s understanding of the idea behind the poem would be more clear. Thoughts as the poetess called them looks impressive but up to an extent and doesn’t leave an impact on your minds once you are over with the book.

Verdict: Read in one go book. Small so munch it in free time.

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Book review of Thousand Unspoken Thoughts by Prerna Khatri

The book Thousand Unspoken Thoughts is a collection of 50 sweet poems which are soothing on mind.Anyways I got this book from Prerna and I had literally no expectations as I only got to know her when I took her Interview for this blog.Even after the interview I was not sure what to expect from this book.I personally like short fiction than poems but this book actually was so light on my mind that I finished it in one go only to later come back and re read the selective ones which I liked.But ,Wow I have never come across a poem collection which is written by an armature who is using the skill of poem writing to show what she sees and how she sees and is actually an advocate by profession and yet written so sensitive in her poems.The poems are not heavy on mind and are refreshing.

The poem collection moves from different perspectives of life and how the poet sees it.which you can connect with.The poems do look like someones debut poems but every word is constructed beautifully and has its own charm.The rhyme formation is simple and easy to understand and you feel like you connect with it someway or the other.Yes,there are emotions involved with each and every poem but they are light and you get a sense of what they imply.Some of my favorite lines are as below :

Also as soon as the book starts it engrosses you with something you want to read and know what makes the poet wrote it. here is a look at what I am talking about , i dont want to give spoilers so , buy the book and read what she wants to tell and how she

Now if the above few first lines from the book makes sense to you , you have to buy this book and read all the amazing work she has done.If you are one of those who dont like to read poems because they are heavy on mind and difficult to understand this book will change that notion.
Overall the book is a onetime read and is very easy to understand.The book is short lengthen ,can be read in a day is light on the mind as well.We wish her all the best and congratulate on her debut book and all the best for Masters in International Business and Commercial Law.Not to forget she is already working on her upcoming poem collection.
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Title : Thousand Unspoken Thoughts

Poetess : Prerna Khatri 

thousand unspoken thoughts


“Don’t use the phone. People are never ready to answer it. Use poetry.”

― Jack Kerouac
‘Thousand Unspoken Thoughts’ brings together the collection of poetry of an amateur poet who uses words to see through the world. Prerna, though being an Advocate by profession believes that writing is where her heart lies. The collection is a passage through her mind, where innumerable dreams and aspirations, are brought down to ink.

Her writing is not confined to any age group; hence, no censor certificate is required. Keeping that thought aside, she believes in the power of ink, and her poems stand as witness.

My View : ‘Thousand Unspoken Thoughts’ brings an eloquent opportunity for readers to dive into the pool of poetess’ thoughts and touch her expressions expressed through words.Poetess has planned a delightful journey for the readers of climbing fifty rhythmic voices of her heart. Poetess’ flute touches everyone’s heart,as they play the tunes that everyone can comprehend and enjoy,as the rhythmic voices of  her heart are so simple in nature.

In this book, poetess raises the veil of her Unspoken thoughts and showcases them in the coil of words.  Poetess talks about dreaming,killing the fear within us,being yourself,nature of being envy,raises questions about life,waiting for the beloved,echo of inner voice,words for true love,tears of poor children and so many other flavours she has prepared for her readers.

Poetess mold her thoughts in such a simplistic manner that even newbie would find it a task as easy as pie.Her thoughts reveal the ingredients of her heart,a blend of several emotions,changing its colour at every next moment,making readers go on a bumpy ride with her, and taste all the flavours she has poured out in this book.

Some poems are so straightforwardly told that it felt like the rhythm is missing and her thoughts need to dig a bit,to squeeze the emotions of her heart completely and let them flow in the book.Poetess doesn’t adopted a specific form of poetry to share her thoughts, rather she used free style to let her thoughts shape in any shape of container it is destined for.Readers don’t need to have specific knowledge about poetry to go through this book.

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Be True…Re-View: A Thousand Unspoken Thoughts

Prerna Khatri’s new collection of poems ‘Thousand Unspoken Thoughts’makes for an interesting read. If one would go by Wordsworth’s principle that all poetry is a spontaneous expression of powerful emotions, Prerna seems to be on the right track. A lawyer by profession, she has managed to bring out an eclectic mix of emotions, from pathos to layered anger through her poems.
As a reader new to the task of reviewing, I am as much of a novice at explaining poetry as any other reader. What I can speak of is my experience on reading it. ‘A Thousand Unspoken Thoughts’ comes across as honest, direct and fresh. It contains imagery that is at once simple and familiar. The poems cover a wide range of topics from love, loss, life, and reflections. Through her poems, Prerna has managed to bring out the right combination of words that come closest to expressing the original emotions. For instance, In ‘Tonight, I’ll Write’, she says
‘Well, Tonight I’ll write,
But for myself.
And tonight I’ll write with no qualms,
No rehearsed dialogue; no hidden moral.
For tonight, I’ll write from my heart.’
We recognize the poet’s need to be true to her own self. Yet, it does not always come across. Her intentions might be true, but her desire to express them in an ornate manner often gets in the way. It is a problem she understands herself. ‘In Conversation With The Devil’ she says
‘He seemed slightly dissatisfied.
He asked me do you still want to continue this.
Or should I just proceed with my assigned task.’
The only flaw I could see in the collection is a lack of diversity. There are no poems that stand out for their deep philosophical insight. Some like ‘Open Thy Heart’ and ‘Embracing the Battlefront’ feel forced. Then, there But then, a poet expresses what she/he finds interesting.
‘Thousand UnspokenThoughts’ is a wonderful collection by a new poet. Her range of topics and the spirited venture to express the right emotions in the right words make it an interesting read.
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Book Review: Thousand Unspoken Thoughts

Thousand Unspoken Thoughts


We all think everyday, every hour, every minute about things that this universe has created, about our existence and belifs. The questions never have proper answers. A poet on the other hand has a mind that’s a never ending questionnaire, that gives the million minds the answers they seek. Poetry is really different than prose; it has depth and brevity in it. Not many can understand it. Not trying to put forth my credentials but I have read and enjoyed poetry before I picked up Thousand Unspoken Thoughts by Prerna Khatri to review it.

Frankly as a reader I would get intimidated to read poems for it demands a clearer thought and sharper perception but as a poet I knew what it had in store for me. I was delighted, in fact excited, to see what was behind the cover page of the book.

“Yes, silence does that

It helps you think”

I wanted to know what changes it could bring in my perception of things. There are troubles in this world that can never end which results from misinterpreted thoughts. The pen has the power to change that and that is what poetry does.

I began reading The Other Side, this was a narrative or prosaic poem which explained the made up image of a woman whose real self life is on the other side of the mirror, the reality being reversed here.


Breathe in, let it out slowly,

You’ll find your ‘God’”

The imageries I found were quite unique as I read further; the imageries and thought process was changing now which showed that the poet was progressing. The simple poetic approach was now getting deeper, she was writing relevant and hard hitting things.

Some poems were spoken word which sort of gave directions on surviving life

Specially the Edge of LifeCan I live Death, In the Middle of the Night, Carry Me Home – brought out the poet in her. It is matured. It is polished. And it hits you hard enough to think. And re-think.

Some of her poems are brief and beautiful.

“In the rising and falling of waves,

In the waxing and waning of the moon ……………………………

Realisation struck, nothing is constant”

Which is so true, life isn’t constant, it changes as it is a journey clearing reflecting the poets journey from adolescence to a strong receptor of situations.

“Live rather than merely exist…”

“…In the battle of speech,

And Silence,

A soul is often slayed”

“ Passion like love

Must never be silenced

Throughout what I read, in most of her verses about the search of the soul, I realized then that most poets cling to their souls which like a protagonist lights their way. I could really identify with some poems, it spoke about the universal thought process, it is like all creative minds are connected by some divine law to think or search for the same questions.

A special brownie to the publisher Leadstart Publishers by considering to bringing out books on verse is indeed commendable. Prerna deals with social and soulful issues through her poems too.

Tonight, I’ll Write is a poet’s piece of self expression. Time is another piece which taps in the unconscious voicing out the unconscious through My Voice. It is like a pattern that connects one thought to the other. Her love poems though need a little more time to evolve properly.

“Am I the blot,

In the picturesque canvas?


Is there just a thorn in my thought?”

This explains it all. Poetry really has survived the modern age and it is immensely satisfying to see young poets being published and read too. This book of verse is beautiful and speaks to you. When you have long nights of confusions, this could be your answer.

Sometimes in life, something really nudges you from your deep mechanical sleep, it is important to indentify it and wake up. Be inspired and inspire others. The best way to feel being alive again is reading a very well written book.

And this is one :)

TitleThousand Unspoken Thoughts
Author: Prerna Khatri
PublisherLeadstart Publishing
Pages: 98
Genre: Poetry
Rating: 3.50 of 5.00
Reviewed for: Publisher

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