If the title of the book makes you think that this book is a lesson on moral science or on all human goodness, you have picked up the wrong book. This book is the story of our times, where we all are struggling to find our own goodness in the mud the society leaves us with, almost each day. This is a story of the hide and seeks the devil and the angel plays that finally leave us all human.

The writer uses three of his protagonist, Amar, Akbar and Anthony as the mouthpiece to tell the story. No, don’t worry, the Bollywood potboiler have nothing to do with it. These three men are accountants. In other words you can call them losers or the failed once. But in their zeal to win, they get sucked in mud and fury, an unending saga of winning and failing.
The book uses the backdrop of off-shore Banking and Black Money with context to Indian corporate. And it might be also an absolute co-incidence if you find the corporate honchos, politicians and middle men very real to life. The writer smartly weaves the nexus between all the rich and powerful and how they promote each other to become richer. Everyone has a hand in the other’s pocket. In all of these the three protagonists get caught. The book revolves around their journey.
But if you are thinking that these three men are some boring accountant hiding behind some computer screens, you got it all wrong. These men are hilarious. Their humor saves the uneven situation; they are always caught up in. And not to forget, they have their girl friends, and their presence makes the journey more hilarious.
The writer has told a many layered story with simplicity. The language used is simple and the backdrop is very present day. His three protagonists are as human as you and I can be in our everyday life. The writer has made no attempt to create heroes. The beauty of the book lies in their humaneness and their failures.
The one thing that brings the book a bit down is the editing. It could have been a much more compressed and sharp book. At places the detailing feels  unnecessary. But over all, you will enjoy reading it. There is no lie about this book, it is as honest as it gets.
And yes, it has that feeling of watching a Bollywood movie. If you let your imagination be, you might just feel, you have walked out of a movie hall. Try picking this book this weekend, it will leave you with a few chuckles and some laughs!
Book: The Three Wise Monkeys
Author : Jeet Gian
Publisher : Frog Books
Genre : Fiction
Ratings : 3.5/5
ISBN : 978-93-52016-18-1

Price : Rs 299

Source :- http://paromitabardoloi.blogspot.in/

The Three Wise Monkeys