Book Review: The Slip of Me by Akhand Singh

The story revolves around Vikram, who is portrayed as a shy and silent character.He is a teenager, studying in Christ Church School and is quite interested in football.Raghu and Joe are his best friends.The plot is set up in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh. The story is narrated in first person from Vikram’s point of view.

Vikram falls for Jessica,his Chemistry tuition teacher’s daughter.  At first,he found it difficult to accept his true feelings for Jessica until Jessica herself accepted her feelings for Vikram.Since then,love was in the air. Without understanding the true meaning of love, Vikram does everything he could have done in love. He didn’t know it was a nine’s day wonder.

‘The Slip of me’ tries to re-define the true meaning of love.  Friendship is as important as love,this is what we get to know from Vikram’s story. The transformation Vikram brings about him is something to be appreciated of.  Vikram says,after realizing the real worth of friendship- ‘ I guess it is the right thought that friends can change your life, they can motivate you and support you like nobody else.’  The title of the novel is justified with the story. However, the language used is very simple. So, it does not challenges a reader’s way of understanding.

‘There was something about our friendship, even when we did not meet every day or even for months,we always remained best of friends and were always there in times of need.’
And ,the novel ends with the happy note.

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“The Slip of Me” by Akhand Singh nicely highlights the dilemma of teenagers. How a boy may be infatuated by a girl & may preoccupy himself in thinking about her for long hours. Trying to press down one’s emotions after a break-up & yet revealing it at every step that you are broken. Pondering over what would she might say at the last meeting.


The Slip of Me by Akhand Singh

The whole story plot resembles the real-life stories of love where strange things happens & life of the love birds gets changed completely due to love.

“I am just saying you would only find love where it exists” appears two times in the novel & emphasises that instead of wandering here & there in search of love- look around yourself. Most often you will find it.

Story @ “The Slip of Me”

The story revolves around 4 friends viz Vikram, Raghu, Joe & Niharika. Vikram bumps into Jessica & love happens. Jessica is notoriously famous for having involved in too many relationships in the past.

Soon after spending good time with Vikram, Jessica break-ups with him.

The story brings out in a beautiful manner how after a break-up there may remain a longing for reunion.

Or in this case is this longing instant?

Will Jessica & Vikram shall reunite? Will the efforts made by Vikram’s friends will bring the two souls together? Or will the efforts of friends shall go in vain?
Or Vikram will find the love where it exists?

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Best moments@ “The Slip of Me”

“The excitement to just go to the market and check out the girls was another reason that distracted us from studies”.

“As everyone scribbled their answers, Jessica inclined towards me to look at my answers, and with every effort, she made her body touch mine. My concentration was already screwed up and the irritation from the touch shattered my peace of mind.”

I walked towards her and with every step my mind yelled at me “Don’t do this, you moron”.

“Pictures of past forced the tears to match the pain in my heart”.

“Don’t allow a girl to ruin everything in you”.

“The same kind of envelope resembling my first love letter, but marked as two on the right corner. I kept trying to guess what she has written this time, applying all permutations & combinations, but I was nowhere close to being sure”.

“Strange things happen when you are in love,” I read this and believed it ever since I met Jessica

“There was something with the three of my best friends, they would always believe in me, always make me realize that things would not be just fine, but great”.

“The Slip of Me” is a nice read & shall take you through different intense emotions that you might have experienced as a teenager. You will easily be able to connect to the story.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Slip of Me by Akhand Singh

 ”The Slip of Me is a contemporarycoming of age story, following a boy named Vikram, — quiet, shy and prone to troubles, and his teenaged friends in Jabalpur, India. They all experience the ups and downs ofadolescence, eager to fall in love, but struggling to understand what it even means. Vikram falls head over heels for Jessica, his chemistry tutor’s daughter. When Jessica severs ties with Vikram, he is deeply affected and begins a far-reaching transformation. This story explores the emotional world of Indian teens–the conflicts they face within their families, at school and in society at large. As they approach the end of their public education and ready themselves to move on to various universities, Vikram, and his friends must face new identity crisis. What do they want to be and how will they get there? What saves Vikram in the end is learning the true value of friendship and how it can provide the ultimate support and healing that anyone needs.”
As the storyline is clear from the blurb.
Jessica is around sixteen,short, slender and dark, with pale perfect skin and beautiful black eyes, holding an innocent smile on her face.
Vikram was attracted to Jessica ,when he first saw her.
Raghu and Joe are Vikram’s friend.
The way she looks towards Vikram, make him energized.
He was astonished to find her and they both meet each other in the tution classes .
What will happen when his family will get to know?
Will they support him?
Get ready to experience the roller coaster ride.
This story explores the emotional world of Indian teens–the conflicts they face within their families, at school and in society at large.
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